Diagnosis Murder Books

The Silent Partner

Dr. Mark Sloan joins the Los Angeles Police Department task force investigating unsolved murders. A case is reopened against the Reaper, a serial killer, who is on death row and new evidence appears that suggests the man might be innocent. Mark suspects that the real killer may still be on the loose.

The Death Merchant

In Hawaii and on vacation, Dr. Sloan and son Steve's holiday turns into a nightmare when a man they befriend becomes the victim of a shark attack. Upon investigating, Mark believes that the man was murdered before being dumped into the sea.

The Shooting Script

Dr. Mark Sloan and police officer son Steve investigate the murder of an aspiring actress who was murdered brutally, and rocked their Malibu community. Clues point to the producers wife, but a twist means that the mafia may also be involved.

The Waking Nightmare

After rescuing a person from committing suicide, Mark is plagued by nightmares and decides to search for answers as to the cause of the attempt. The investigation however puts him in the middle of a search for a cop killer.

The Past Tense

A woman's body washes up on the beach in front of Dr. Mark Sloan's house. During the autopsy, a memory card is discovered in the victim's stomach and contains a report from the first case Mark solved. When a second victim appears, Mark must look back into his past to solve the crimes.

The Dead Letter

Mark receives a parcel from infamous private investigator Nick Stryker who has recently died and left a variety of files, audio tapes and video tapes. Mark has evidence that could put some important and powerful people away and must find which one is the murderer.

The Double Life

Mark survives a hit-and-run accident but suffers amnesia from the accident. Determined to find the truth, he stumbles across a series of strange deaths during the investigation, which occurred in the same hospital car park where he was almost killed.

The Last Word

Dr. Jesse Travis and Susan take the blame when transplanted organs infected with the West Nile virus kill their recipient patients. Mark Sloan begins investigating the problem, and soon discovers a trail of greed and revenge which could impact all their lives.