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When an aircraft with an excellent safety record and an experienced pilot suffers a malfunction causing numerous injuries and deaths, Casey Singleton's job as Vice President of Quality Assurance for Norton Aircraft is to find out what has happened. Matters however are complicated when the most likely cause turns out to be a technical problem which had been fixed years earlier, flight data recorders which failed, the murky world of company politics, and a media hungry to place blame with someone or something.

Jurassic Park

A mysterious construction project on Isla Nublar, close by to Costa Rica, resutls in a worker being severely injured by strange animal attacks. Scientist Alan Grant and his student Ellie Sattler are whisked away to the island by billionaire John Hammond for a weekend visit to the "biological preserve" he has established on the island. However, the scientists discover that Hammond has been building a theme park showcasing cloned dinosaurs recreated from damaged DNA. With recent incidents having spooked investors, Hammond uses the pair as consultants to try to realise his dream of opening a dinosaur-based theme park.

The Andromeda Strain

An Air Force team is deployed to recover a military satellite close to Piedmont, Arizona. However, communications with the group are lost when everyone in the town is soon dead and the duty officer suspects that the satellite returned to Earth with an extraterrestrial contaminant. The government begins to activate a plan known as "Wildfire" - a protocol for scientists to contain the threat. In a secret laboratory sixty-miles from Las Vegas, work begins on finding out how the microorganism killed its victims and what conditions it is suited to.

State of Fear

Peter Evans is a lawyer working for philanthropist George Morton, with the majority of his work surrounding donations made to an environmental organisation - National Environmental Resource Fund. However, Morton becomes suspicious of NERF's director Nicholas Drake and discovers he has misused donations. This also leads to a visit from international law enforcement agents who are trailing an eco-terrorist group - Environmental Liberation Front - who are attempting to create natural disasters in an effort to convince the public of the catastrophes global warming will bring.


The Rising Sun

Nakamoto Corporation is celebrating the opening of its new headquarters, with a party attended by celebrities and dignitaries. However, the murder of twenty-three year old Cheryl Lynn Austin has the LAPD officer Lieutenant Peter J. Smith assigned to the case alongside retired Captain John Connor who has lived in Japan and knows the culture. The pair discover that Nakamoto employee Ishiguro is stalling the investigation with demands that a liaison be present, which indicates that the case is being subjected to a cover-up.

The Terminal Man



Jack Forman is a computer programmer who becomes unemployed when he discovers an internal scandal, leading him to be fired and blacklisted. Having to become a house-husband while his wife Julia works as a high-ranking executive for nanorobotics company Xymos, he soon finds her becoming more distant to the family. Strange events begin to happen around the home, initially beginning with baby Amanda getting mysteriously sick, strange men being seen in the house by their son Eric and an odd device being found under Amanda's bed. Jack eventually manages to get a consultancy job at Xymos, and sets about investigating.


Tom Sanders works for technology company DigiCom, and expects to be promoted after the company merges with a publishing house. However, the promotion is instead given to his ex-girlfriend Meredith Johnson who invites him into her office to discuss a CD-ROM drive the company is producing, but uses the meeting to try and restart their relationship despite Tom's objections. Angry at being spurned, Meredith accuses him of sexual harassment which the company believe could jeopardise the merger. Tom sets about clearing his name, despite Meredith and the company doing everything they can to protect themselves.


The Great Train Robbery


An enormous spacecraft has been discovered below the Pacific Ocean, and a group of five scientists working alongside U.S. Navy personnel are dispatched to study the object from a laboratory positioned next to it. Beginning their investigation, they find labels which indicate the spacecraft belongs to the United States and has been constructed in the future before being sent back through time. They also learn of "Jerry", a seemingly friendly alien entity who they can communicate via computer with, though the communications have to deal with Jerry's bizarre and complex personality.


The Lost World

Palaeontologist Richard Levine hears rumours of strange animal corpses washing up on the beaches of Costa Rica, and discovers the existence of Site B on Isla Sorna - a production facility where now-defunct InGen bred dinosaurs for Jurassic Park. Afraid that the Costa Rican government will destroy any dinosaurs, Levine embarks upon an expedition to the island to find out more about the facility. However, their trip is discovered by another group working for InGen rival Biosyn who hope to be able to steal dinosaur eggs for their own uses.

Pirate Latitudes

Eaters of the Dead / The 13th Warrior

Dragon Teeth

The Andromeda Evolution

As John Lange

Odds On

Scratch One

Easy Go / The Last Tomb

The Venom Business

Drug of Choice / Overkill

Grave Descend


As Jeffery Hudson

A Case of Need

As Michael Douglas