Mr. Monk Books

The Mr. Monk books are written by various writers from the television show including Lee Goldberg and Hy Conrad. Some of the books are stand-alone and have no television equivalents, however others were either adapted or adaptations while others are sequels.

Mr. Monk Goes to the Firehouse

Author: Lee Goldberg

Monk's house is being fumigated which leaves him no where to stay. Assistant Natalie steps in and allows him to stay with her along with her daughter though Monk's fussiness over order in his life causes problems. However, Monk has to put other things first when a dog dies at the local fire station on the same night as a fatal house fire – leaving Monk with a puzzling mystery to solve.

Adapted into the episode titled Mr. Monk Can't See a Thing in 2006 (Season 5).

Mr. Monk Goes to Hawaii

Author: Lee Goldberg

Tourist Helen Gruber is in Hawaii and struck by a coconut which the police say fell from a tree, but Adrian suspects otherwise. On vacation with Natalie who is less than pleased about an investigation during her break has to help Monk. Muddying the waters is smooth-talking television psychic Dylan Swift who proclaims he is receiving messages from Helen – which Monk seriously doubts.

Mr. Monk and the Blue Flu

Author: Lee Goldberg

Monk finds that the police are going on strike by calling in sick (known as the Blue Flu) in an attempt to get a better contract. The lack of officers means Monk has a chance of getting back on the force, though doing so will cause him to become a “scab”. Getting the opportunity to run his own unit, he is teamed up with a challenging characters which aim to solve a number of mysterious fatal assaults.

Adapted into the episode Mr. Monk and the Badge in 2009 (Season 8).

Mr. Monk and the Two Assistants

Author: Lee Goldberg

Monk's former assistant Sharona visits San Francisco to persuade the detective to help her husband who has been arrested for murder. Also attempting to reclaim her place in Adrian's life, he has to placate the competing assistants while dealing with the case against her husband. To top things off, the killer seems to always be one step ahead of Monk.

Mr. Monk in Outer Space

Author: Lee Goldberg

Attending a convention for the science fiction show Beyond Earth, Monk meets an obsessive-compulsive who is as much one as he himself is. While there however, a killer appears in the community and murders the shows legendary creator. Motives center around the selling out of the show to Hollywood, and Monk has to rope in agoraphobic brother Ambrose who is an expert on the television series.

Mr. Monk Goes to Germany

Author: Lee Goldberg

Things are going well for Monk until his therapist, Dr. Kroger, leaves for Germany. Leaving him unable to tie his shoes and forgetting how to swallow, he desperately follows Kroger to Germany where he spots a man with six fingers. Monk has to find whether the man is the one responsible for his wife's death or just a complete coincidence – along with dealing with unfriendly police.

This book was written before the episode Mr. Monk Is on the Run, but published after causing some discontinuity to the storylines.

Mr. Monk is Miserable

Author: Lee Goldberg

In Paris with assistant Natalie, the pair tour the catacombs beneath the streets. Spotting a particular skull, Monk declares that the person was killed recently leaving the delights of the French capital shadowed by a murder investigation. Monk will have to work in the dark to catch the cunning killer.

A direct sequel to Mr. Monk Goes to Germany.

Mr. Monk and the Dirty Cop

Author: Lee Goldberg

Police captain Leland Stottlemeyer begins to feel hostile at the amount of praise and attention Monk is receiving and his apparent reliance on him to solve cases. With potential budget cuts looming, Monk may be cut loose. However, when Stottlemeyer is framed for the murder of another police officer, only Monk can find out the truth.

Mr. Monk in Trouble

Author: Lee Goldberg

The town of Trouble became famous in 1962 when a train robbery occurred, and people have flocked to the location since in an attempt to find the loot the robbers supposedly dumped in a botched heist. Adrian and Natalie are sent to investigate, but the town may prove to live up to its name for the pair.

Mr. Monk is Cleaned Out

Author: Lee Goldberg

Monk is in a financial crisis when he is fired by the San Francisco Police Department and finds his savings are also gone. It appears that Bob Sebes, an investor swindled his clients. A witness in the case is murdered, and Monk is convinced that the under house arrest Sebes was the murderer.

Mr. Monk on the Road

Author: Lee Goldberg

Monk is feeling happy that his job is secure and his wife's murder has been solved, so he attempts to help his agoraphobic brother Ambrose. Putting sleeping pills in his birthday cake, he takes Ambrose out in a motorhome on the open road, with Monk intent on showing him the world. Crimes along the way mean Monk can't resist getting involved.

Mr. Monk on the Couch

Author: Lee Goldberg

A security guard, a struggling student, and a beautiful woman – three strangers who are murdered. They have something in common beyond their deaths, and Monk discovers oddly that it is their couch. Monk begins to investigate what could possibly be the motive of the killings.

Mr. Monk on Patrol

Author: Lee Goldberg

Randy Disher is still living with Monk's old assistant Sharona and working as the police chief of Summit, New Jersey. When the city's leadership is arrested for fraud, Disher finds himself promoted to acting mayor and being unable to handle the duties of both jobs – calls in Monk for assistance. The job is not simple however when burglaries escalate to arson and murder.

Mr. Monk is a Mess

Author: Lee Goldberg

Monk and Natalie return to San Francisco from their extended stay in New Jersey. Natalie discovers someone has been sleeping in her bed – and died. Investigators go on to find marked money from a Federal operation under Natalie's mattress, which leaves her life in a mess.

A direct sequel to Mr. Monk on Patrol.

Mr. Monk Gets Even

Author: Lee Goldberg

Monk is currently investigating a number of accidental deaths and suicides, and quickly determines they were murder victims. However, when the man Monk believes is the killer is identified, he realises he might be wrong. The cases are further confused by Dale the Whale's escape from prison during a transfer, and signs point to Stottlemeyer being an accomplice.

Mr. Monk Helps Himself

Author: Hy Conrad

Natalie is taking a break from studying for her Private Investigators license, which will allow her to be Monk's full time partner. Sneaking off to a retreat, he relaxing weekend plans are interrupted when Monk arrives to rescue her from the ‘cult'. Their argument is cut short when the owner of the retreat jumps off a cliff in front of them.

Mr. Monk Gets on Board

Author: Hy Conrad

Natalie completes her PI license and technically becomes Monk's boss which proves difficult for him to accept. Asking him to spend a week with her on a cruise ship, they find the body of the cruise director which is fished from the water. It becomes Monk and Natalie's job to find the answer.

A direct sequel to Mr. Monk Helps Himself. This was also adapted from a season three episode script which was never filmed. The episode was to be titled Mr. Monk Is at Sea.

Mr. Monk Is Open for Business

Author: Hy Conrad

Monk and Natalie face their first case as consulting detectives. They aim to track down Wyatt S. Noone – a man who killed three of his colleagues and injured another one. When Wyatt disappears from an apparently inescapable crime scene, the pair have to track down an invisible killer.

A direct sequel to Mr. Monk Gets on Board.

Mr. Monk and the New Lieutenant

Author: Hy Conrad

Monk and Natalie have settled into their office routine while Stottlemeyer has a new lieutenant, A.J. Cartledge – a man with limited skills. While attending a Judge's funeral, Monk finds the man has been poisoned, and Stottlemeyer himself shows symptoms of poisoning. Looking into the cases, Monk has to find the culprit who wants both men dead.

A direct sequel to Mr. Monk Is Open for Business.