Murder, She Wrote Books

The Murder, She Wrote books are based on the television series of the same name. The books are credited to be written by Jessica Fletcher herself, however the majority of the books were written by Donald Bain with the first book being written in 1989. Donald's wife Renée Paley-Bain was also credited with the release of three books in 2015 and 2016. With Donald Bain's death in 2017, the series was taken over by Jon Land.

The books below are listed in the order that they were released.

Gin and Daggers

Jessica is visiting London to deliver a keynote speech at a convention of mystery writers. Looking forward to seeing mentor Marjorie Ainsworth who is also hosting a party at her estate to celebrate her latest book, the trip turns sour when Marjorie is stabbed to death in her own bedroom.

The re-released version published in 2000 corrects some continuity errors, but others remain.

Manhattans and Murder

When a former Cabot Cove drug dealer is spotted by Jessica dressed as a sidewalk Santa, they agree to meet. However, the man is soon dead and his wife is quickly flees. With no help from the police who seem reluctant to investigate, Jessica sets about finding the truth to prevent another murder.

Rum and Razors

Jessica leaves the cold winter of Cabot Cove behind and heads off to the balmy location St. Thomas. With another book on the way to release, her vacation is interrupted when the owner of the hotel is killed and an ex-employee is suspected by the police.

Brandy and Bullets

The local Worall mansion in Cabot Cove, Maine is operating as a retreat for creative types. However, the upper class building is soon home to an attempted suicide and a murder which attract the attention of both the police and Jessica. The stakes are upped for Jessica when a good friend goes missing.

Martinis and Mayhem

Heading out to San Francisco to promote her new book, Jessica looks forward to enjoying the local offerings. At a scheduled trip to a woman's prison, she finds a diary slipped into her bag which opens a mystery into a wrongly-convicted killer.

A Deadly Judgment

Arriving in Boston to help her eccentric lawyer friend Malcolm McLoon defend a tycoon accused of fratricide. The case is made more murky when the defendant's girlfriend is found dead in her apartment.Jessica has her suspicions that someone is trying to make sure the accused is convicted.

A Palette for Murder

On a trip to Long Island where she is visiting the elegant Hamptons, Jessica hopes her visit will give her the chance for some time in the sun and to do some painting. Her relaxing time however is short-lived when a model is killed and the case features a mysterious masterpiece and a large amount of money.

The Highland Fling Murders

A legendary witch is said to haunt Inspector George Sutherland's family castle on the island of Wick. Jessica is also visiting for a book tour, and is invited to Sutherland's home along with some of her Cabot Cove friends. When Jessica spots a ghostly figure, and a girl is murdered in the area, Jessica begins an investigation.

Murder on the QE2

With an invite to tour on the QE2 ship, Jessica is one of seven guest lecturers. However, on the night they set sail, a fellow speaker is found brutally murdered. Jessica has just four days to solve the case and prevent any further murders.

Murder in Moscow

Jessica visits Moscow as part of a United States publishing group. However, when a Russian publisher is poisoned and it is revealed he possessed information about the Russian government, Jessica has to turn to the American embassy for help – only to discover the United States government is also involved.

A Little Yuletide Murder

Planning to spend some time in Cabot Cove over the Christmas period, Jessica's holiday is interrupted when Rory Brent is shot and killed on his farm. Digging into the town's past, Jessica attempts to find the killer however her own life may be in danger.

Murder at the Powderhorn Ranch

In Colorado visiting an old friend's ranch, Jessica is caught in a plot of revenge when one of the other guests is stabbed to death. The mystery deepens when the victim's wife is also killed in gruesome fashion. Jessica sets about sleuthing the other guests, as the entire household remains on edge.

Knock 'em Dead

Jessica has one of her books turned into a Broadway play, and so heads to New York to help out with production. However, fiction is turned into real-life murder as dead bodies offstage cause problems for those onstage. Jessica sets about finding who is the responsible party.

Trick or Treachery

Halloween is approaching in Cabot Cove and Jessica requires a costume for her planned party. When a self-righteous spiritual medium arrives, some townspeople are on the lookout for curses and omens. The alleged witch however ends up in the graveyard, and everyone at the party is a suspect.

Blood on the Vine

On a trip to wine country in the Napa Valley doing research for her new book, old friend detective George Sutherland joins her at a cozy bed and breakfast. A murder of a waiter at the restaurant owned by ex-Hollywood heavyweight Bill Ladington who is involved in a land dispute sets Jessica off to investigating.

Murder in a Minor Key

Jessica attends a funeral in New Orleans and decides to stay an extra week for the annual Jazz Festival. Meanwhile, arts critic and Jessica's friend Wayne Copely is searching for recordings of jazz legend Little Red LeCoeur – until he turns up dead next to the grave of an old voodoo queen.

Provence – to Die for

In France for a month-long vacation, Jessica looks to Provence for a relaxing time. Attending culinary classes with esteemed chef Emil Bertrand, her enjoyment is cut short when Bertrand is killed with his own customised carving knife. Touring the clues to the mystery, Bertrand's life is a web of spurned lovers, rival chefs and business partners.

You Bet Your Life

Jessica's old friend Martha stands accused of murdering her husband, so Jessica has to make the trip to Las Vegas to help solve the mystery. Looking into the man's past as a high-rolling local with three ex-wives and jealous acquaintances, the case attracts the attention of the media.

Majoring in Murder

Riding out a tornado at Schoolman College while attending as a visiting professor, Jessica has to investigate when two men attempt to brave the storm and one of the ends up dead. When the police declare it an accident, Jessica looks to the people on the campus for clues.

Destination Murder

Jessica takes a leisurely trip through British Columbia aboard a train, however the relaxation is interrupted when a member of the entourage takes a sip of a Bloody Mary, and soon dies. Gathering the suspects into the dining car, Jessica takes about sleuthing to find the answers to the death.

Dying to Retire

Attending a funeral in Florida of former Cabot Cove resident Portia Shelby, Jessica and Seth Hazlitt discover that the apparent natural death is actually a murder. The pair set about finding out who planted toxic pills with her heart medication, and there are a number of suspects.

A Vote for Murder

Jessica is in Washington, D.C. to show her support for a senators new literary initiative. However, when the senator's chief-of-staff dies in mysterious circumstances, Jessica discovers that politics can be deadly. She also gets to spend time with Scotland Yard detective George Sutherland who is in town.

The Maine Mutiny

Helping at Cabot Cove's first lobster festival, Jessica writes an article about the lifestyle in the small town. She soon becomes tangled in a mystery however when one of the lobstermen are killed with dissension in the ranks about their business and the festival.

Margaritas and Murder

Travelling to Mexico, Jessica hopes for a little rest and relaxation in the town of San Miguel de Allende. Spending time with her friends Vaughan and Olga Buckley, the quiet is punctured when Vaughan is kidnapped, and Jessica has to put her own life on the line to rescue him.

A Question of Murder

Jessica attends a conference of writers at a mansion where her friends the Savoys are hosting a murder-mystery party. However, when a young actors murder scene appears very real, the difference between script and real life becomes blurred.

Three Strikes and You're Dead

Jessica attends a baseball game while visiting her old friends in Arizona. However a bitter rivalry between two players leads to one of them being the prime suspect for the others murder. Jessica starts to investigate as she finds it difficult to believe a promising sportsman would wreck his life in a moment of anger.

Coffee, Tea, or Murder?

Cabot Cove resident Wayne Silverton debuts his new airline and invites Jessica and other locals on the inaugural flight from Boston to London. Planning on visiting George Sutherland, Jessica is thrilled, however the meeting between the two occurs while having to solve the murder of Wayne Silverton.

Panning for Murder

Jessica takes a much-deserved cruise, however the relaxation is disturbed when friend Kathy tags along in the hope of locating her sister Wilimena who vanished from the same boat. Believing a fortune made during the Gold Rush is behind the disappearance, Jessica and Kathy have attention turned on them.

Murder on Parade

Cabot Cove is decorating for the 4th of July parade. Joseph Lennon, a successful businessman has recently located to the town and is paying for the firework display and rock concert. However, a few of his fellow citizens do not like his display of money, which results in his body being found on the evening of the firework display.

A Slaying in Savannah

Jessica's eccentric friend Tillie Mortelaine has died, much to the disappointment of Jessica, however she is surprised to learn that Tillie has bequeathed her one million dollars for use in literary education – as long as she can solve a decades old mystery.

Madison Avenue Shoot

While visiting nephew Grady and his family in New York, Jessica agrees to appear in an advert alongside other celebrities. Betsy, the ad exec makes life difficult on set, however she is soon murdered, and worse, Grady's nine year old son Frank is missing.

A Fatal Feast

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, Jessica is unable to relax due to a bad case of writer's block as her deadline for a new novel is approaching. Jessica's mind is taken from her book however when she and visiting friend George Sutherland stumble across a body.

Nashville Noir

Cyndi, a young lady in Cabot Cove shows talent for singing and songwriting, so Jessica along with the local citizens committee send her to Tennessee to benefit for professional tuition. However, just a few weeks later, a music producer is murdered – and Cyndi is the suspect.

The Queen's Jewels

Jessica takes her chance to tour on the Queen Elizabeth II ship. Talking to George Sutherland prior to her arrival, he mentions the case of a missing diamond stolen from a wealthy owner. Being aware of the case, Jessica finds herself in its midst as the case follows her onto the ship.

Skating on Thin Ice

Christine Allen dreams of competing in a pairs figure skating competition. However, numerous “accidents” ruins her practice sessions, before a murder affects her chance even more. Jessica takes to investigating the case to find the chilling motives behind the murder.

The Fine Art of Murder

On a tour of lesser-known artwork in Italy, Jessica is caught in the midst of a robbery from a church in which an off-duty policeman is killed. After returning to Cabot Cove and some months later, art and death land on her doorstep when she is asked to look into the death of a woman – in search of answers which may take her back to Italy.

Trouble at High Tide

While in Bermuda, Jessica hears a story of a trio of murders, each bearing a resemblance to the 1888 Jack the Ripper killings. Dismissing the chatter until Thomas Betterton's niece is found dead on the beach, Jessica and friend George Sutherland take to investigating.

Domestic Malice

Jessica takes the role of a board member for a local women's shelter which is in the cross-hairs of a councilman who wants it closed. She also has to help when the wife of a respected community when appears with bruises. Domestic abuse soon turns to murder, however the woman's family may also have secrets.

Prescription for Murder

On a book tour of Tampa, Florida with Dr. Seth Hazlitt who is visiting friend Alvaro Vasquez. At a party at Vasquez's home, he appears to be struck by lightning. However, Jessica and Seth look into the man's past and find he has a chequered history and his death was anything but an accident.

Close-Up on Murder

Cabot Cove prepares to be invaded by Hollywood when one of Jessica's books is adapted to film. The book is based on a decade old murder which occurred in Cabot Cove, and the lead actress on the film is soon shot herself. Everyone on set has a hidden agenda which Jessica must navigate to solve the case.

Aloha Betrayed

Giving a lecture at Maui College in Hawaii alongside retired detective Mike Kane, the pair are thrust into a murder investigation when colleague Mala Kapule. Suspicions point immediately to the planned development of an observatory on the island which is home to local ecology.

Death of a Blue Blood

Attending a New Years Eve ball at Castorbrook Castle with George Sutherland, Jessica soon comes across a body of a maid in the grounds. With a variety of guests who dislike each other for various reasons, Jessica and George must take to solving the case – with matters complicated by another death.

Killer in the Kitchen

Famed chef Gerard Pepe Lebeouf opens a restaurant next to that of Jessica's favourite – the Leg & Claw restaurant, owned by young couple Brad and Marcie. Brad becomes prime suspect in a murder when Lebeouf is stabbed to death, but he isn't the only one with a motive.

The Ghost and Mrs. Fletcher

Jessica's friend and real estate agent Eve Simpson has taken to trying to sell Cabot Cove's oldest property on behalf of elderly owner Cliff. The house being in poor condition, it is also said to be haunted. Cliff soon dies however Seth the death was not natural, so Jessica takes to getting to the bottom of the mystery.

Design for Murder

Jessica visits New York during fashion week, and it isn't long until two models are killed. The shows fashion designer Xandr Ebon is the connection between the two girls, however as Jessica begins to snoop, she finds a host of egos, conflicts of interest and secrets.

Hook, Line and Murder

Entering a fly fishing competition, Jessica is joined by Sheriff Metzger's wife Maureen. Meanwhile convicted killer Darryl Jepson has escaped prison, and Cabot Cove becomes the centre of law enforcement attention as Maureen goes missing.

A Date with Murder

Jessica's friend Barbara 'Babs' Wirth joins a dating service, and soon meets Ashcroft Jenkins online. However, after Babs fails to return home after a date, she begins to retrace her steps. Upon hearing another person has also disappeared, Jessica teams up with Harry McGraw to solve the missing persons cases.

Manuscript for Murder

Jessica's publisher Lane Barfield has become the subject of an FBI investigation for financial crimes. When Barfield turns up dead, Jessica takes to proving his innocence and solving the murder which features a number of oddities and inconsistencies.

Murder in Red

Jessica's friend Mimi Van Dorn checks into a private hospital for a simple procedure, but doesn't come out alive. Looking into the hospital, she finds a business with shadowy dealings. Initially believing it was medical malpractice, Jessica finds something much more sinister.

A Time for Murder

Going back in time to when Jessica was a local high school teacher, and raises nephew Grady with husband Frank, she also has to contend with the death of beloved principal who dies in mysterious circumstances. She sets about investigating in the present day when a former colleague retires, and also turns up dead.

The Murder of Twelve

Jessica finds herself stranded at the Hill House hotel during a blizzard while her home is being reconstructed. Also at the hotel are twelve guests of a wedding party, and the family relations are strained - even more so when one of them commits murder.

Murder In Season

Jessica's home rebuild is almost complete, however the coming Christmas cheer is hampered by the discovery of two sets of bones on her property. One of the sets is ancient, however the other is much more recent, and suggestions are that the bones may have a connection with each other.

Killing in a Koi Pond

Jessica takes a vacation by train to Columbia, South Carolina to visit an old college friend, Dolores. Recently married to her third husband Willis Nickens who is a cutthroat businessman, they have moved into a mansion with a large estate. However, it isn't long before Willis is found dead in the Koi pond.

Debonair in Death

Description not yet available.