UK Radio Station Logos

Contained in the archive is a collection of radio station logos for the United Kingdom. The pack contains over five hundred images for stations which broadcast on DAB, FM, and AM. Each image is 200x200 pixels in size and in the PNG format. The pack can be used for in car systems which allow selection of a radio logo such as Skoda and Volkswagen.

Download (Last update: 2021/01/30, File size: 11.5MB, File type: ZIP)

The next update to this file is due in July 2021 (minor update to change BBC station logos).

Please contact me at andrew@andrewsteele.me.uk to request any logo additions, removals or changes.

Using the logos

Instructions for using the logos will differ between car manufacturers, and models of multimedia units installed, however the basic steps are as follows:

  1. Copy images for each station you wish to display a logo for to an SD card or USB stick (if you are using an SD card for music in the car, the logos can be placed on the same card).
  2. Insert into the car and open the settings screen. Choose the option to set the radio station logos (usually in the 'radio' section).
  3. For each station, select the appropriate image.

Note that most entertainment units allow the device containing the logos to be removed once they have been added.