The following pages contain synopsis (or other information depending on the type of show) for each episode in the listed series. It is recommended NOT to read these if you do not like spoilers.

Many older radio shows can be downloaded from the OTRR Library or the Internet Archive.

Please note that my own site does not contain any radio show downloads itself.


The following series contain completed synopsis for each episode that is available. Some series, particularly older ones, do not have all episodes available however these are noted where applicable.

Works in Progress



Suggestions for Listening

A list of Christmas (and New Year) themed episodes for some of the shows listed above can be found on the Christmas Radio Collection page. Also available and some Halloween Radio Recommendations, though they are suitable for any quiet autumn and winter evenings, and consist generally of horror, supernatural and fantasy genre episodes. Also see the Short Shows page for a list of radio shows in which the episodes were fifteen minutes or less in runtime.

For newcomers to radio, see the Newcomers' Guide.

Radio Covers

A collection of artwork for a variety of shows can be seen on the Radio Covers page. They are sized at 600px × 600px and in JPEG format, with the hope that they are useful if your media player displays cover art. New ones are added on occasion.