The Only Way is Ethics (Pilot)

Mitch is having a therapy session with Rob, a man who loses interest after sex. Ellie arrives after the session ends saying that she has met a new man, who happens to be Rob, leading Mitch into a sticky situation when she wants a look at his notes. Meanwhile, Will and Louisa are quitting smoking and become wary of each other caving in. Unable to contact Rob about Ellie, Mitch sets about trying to get her not to see him. Failing, he tails her to the restaurant along with Louisa, Morris and Will. Confronting the pair, Mitch ends up in Ellie's bad books while she manages to discuss his therapy situation with Rob who makes a breakthrough. However, the night ends with Louisa and Rob spending the evening together.

Series One

1. The Long Bad Friday Night

Will is planning on a night out at the local, while Mitch is looking forward to a quiet night in as he avoids the pub where his late wife's sister Helen is keen to meet up for a drink. However, when she turns up at the flat, Mitch takes to hiding at Ellie's. Meanwhile, Louisa is trying to finish watching a Fargo episode but is having problems with the internet connection. As Will, Helen, Morris and Louisa gather for an evening party, Mitch decides to bunker down in Ellie's to avoid having to see Helen. However, the following morning, Ellie's former boyfriend is coming around to pick up some belongings, and Ellie decides to use Mitch as a way to make him jealous.

2. Not Listening But Hearing

Louisa has a new boyfriend and is making a large amount of noise which is disturbing both Mitch and Will while trying to sleep. Morris is also hoping to meet women while participating in jury duty. Ellie is excited as she has had her Miro print reframed, but is worried that the artwork has been swapped with a similar, but different print. Mitch attempts to tackle an awkward conversation with Louisa, but resorts to using Will and his blunt approach at dealing with the issue. Morris tries to work out how to get out of jury duty when he realises he will be listening to a case dealing with a gang. Ellie meanwhile however puts Mitch and Will straight on the source of the noises.

3. Just Say No

Mitch struggles to say no which ends with him being double-booked for an evening with Ellie, who wants him to meet her friend who is looking for a new therapist, and Morris who has a date himself and wants to make a foursome dinner party. Louisa meanwhile has some exciting news about a potential part in a film, and wants Mitch's help to rehearse. However, she has to make do with Will who is initially against helping but likes the idea of directing. On his blind date, Mitch is attracted to Ellie's friend, but has to sneak away for his agreed date with Morris. After spending all evening rehearsing, Louisa and Will get into an argument over the acting, while Mitch has to come clean to Ellie.

4. The Reunion

Mitch has a old university friend, Chris, coming over leaving Will, Louisa, Ellie and Morris disappointed that they will lose the pub quiz without him. Chris turns up at the flat, however Mitch finds that the person who turns up is not the correct Chris, having got her mixed up with his former friend through a series of coincidences. Mitch takes to finding a way out of the situation, as others conclude that Chris has had a sex change, before suggesting that Chris might not actually exist as none have seen her. The pub quiz starts well for the four, while Mitch is left at home reminiscing over the student bar when Chris decides to invite her husband over who is rather angry.

5. The Big Match

On a Sunday morning, Mitch is cleaning with no help from Will which devolves into an argument. Mitch is looking forward to the tennis final, and finds that Morris, Louisa, and Ellie have invited themselves around to watch. Will attempts to do some work, being against tennis, but ends up as a four spending the match discussing Louisa's invite to a upscale party, Morris making bacon sandwiches, and Ellie complaining about too much "towelling down" in tennis these days. Meanwhile, Morris and Ellie have also increased their use of social media and spend the day trying to figure out what comments to leave people, as the tennis match goes by. However, attention is diverted to Morris's cooking exploits.

6. Birthday Drinks

Mitch's birthday is coming up, though he insists to Will he doesn't want a party having given up drinking. Ellie turns up with a beetroot jar to open, and mentions that Morris shares a birthday with Mitch and has drinks lined up with some friends. Louisa soon arrives, which makes Ellie strangely nervous, as she and no one else has listened to the radio play which Louisa was in. Morris meanwhile insists on a joint birthday when he discovers the cards being received by Mitch. Birthday day arrives, and the group descend on Mitch and Will's flat for a party in which no one is drinking, as well as Morris's friends deciding not to turn up. Mitch resorts to finally having a drink after listening to the others argue and complain.

Series Two

1. A Cry For No Help

Mitch receives an anniversary card from Helen, which leaves him feeling down. Intending on a normal day, Mitch heads out to get a new set of keys cut after previously getting himself locked out. Will caves to the other three about the situation when they pressure him as to what is happening. Returning home, Mitch quickly finds that Louisa knows while handing over the spare keys for her to keep. After attempting to deal with her difficulty, he decides to try Morris who proves no easier to handle under the pressure of holding keys. Moving on to Ellie, he accidentally upsets her when he reveals he asked Louisa and Morris first. He eventually decides to not bother altogether, and resorts to a sign on the door to remind him.

2. Anti-Valentine's Day

Will, Louisa and Mitch decide to participate in an Anti-Valentine's Day and arrange a night out at a restaurant. Louisa also invites Ellie, who is initially against the idea, until she finds that Mitch is going. Ellie heads off to invite Morris, feeling sorry for him. Meanwhile, Will takes to booking the restaurant for five, for a table which is reluctant to take a booking of more than two people. Will however decides against going upon seeing how expensive the menu is, while Louisa also drops out when she gets a date. Ellie manages to convince Morris not to join them, leaving just Mitch and Ellie to enjoy a Valentine's meal, until Will, Louisa and Morris decide on turning up.

3. A Few Loose Ends

Ellie lets Mitch know that a former friend, Kath, was at a recent teaching conference and will be coming to London soon. Mitch mentions she is a former girlfriend, leaving Ellie some what disappointed. Mitch contacts Kath on Facebook, however later discussions with Will reveals that he also went out with her after Mitch left for London. The pair set about competing for her attention and rekindle their relationships. When she arrives, Ellie tries to put Kath off Mitch and divert her attentions to Will. Meanwhile, at the pub Morris has persuaded Louisa to pretend to be his girlfriend in an attempt to meet someone new without looking desperate. However, he upsets a girl he does meet when she discovers his lying about Louisa.

4. Front Window

Will and Morris are heading out for a tennis game despite not being able to play tennis, while Mitch is left staring out of the window waiting for a "bad parker" which he soon finds out is Louisa. Ellie also stops by to report that someone has stolen their pot plants again. She decides to setup a stakeout to find the culprit which involves the five looking out and waiting. Being a long and boring night, the group discuss an assortment of topics including the woman across the street who walks around her house naked. The five soon catch their man, who claims he has lost his job but not told his wife, and is landscaping his garden using the stolen plants. However, as the five discuss the situation the man escapes.

5. The Big Scene

Morris has returned from holiday in Crete, with Will going into hiding to prevent hearing about it. Louisa meanwhile questions why Ellie doesn't just ask Mitch out, rather than coming up with plans to see him, such as arranging a house meeting. She also says that she will have a small part in a television show on at the weekend, and invites the four around to watch alongside Maya, an actress in the show. Maya appears immediately keen on Mitch, leading to jealousy from Ellie, who manages to convince her that Mitch and Will are a gay couple. Mitch soon realises what has happened when Maya leaves. The programme starts and Louisa finds that most of her scene has been cut, and she begins to wonder about the state of her career.

6. Friday Nights, Saturday Mornings

Will has a date with new girlfriend Hannah, but there are problems with Mitch being around in the flat. Ellie, Louisa and Morris are at the pub and discussing Louisa's lack of acting work leading her to consider renting out her spare room. After another awkward encounter, Will decides he needs some space, and questions whether it is time for Mitch to move out. Ellie decides it is time to ask Mitch out, which prompts Louisa to contact her agent when she discovers she has an acting job lined up. Hannah turns up at the flat as Mitch is packing, and reveals that she is just looking for friendship from Will. Will decides that Mitch can stay as he needs Mitch's money to repair the combi-boiler, while Ellie arrives to ask out Mitch.

Series Three

1. Remember the Date

Ellie is finally ready to go out on her date after a pandemic interrupts their original plans. Morris meanwhile has sent a cryptic message to the other four, though it is revealed that he has injured his ankle leading his plans to go drinking with Will ruined. Morris takes to having dinner with Louisa, who cooks for him. She also discovers that Ellie has been stood up, with Mitch and Will having disappeared since they went on a bike ride in the afternoon. Will eventually turns up with news that Mitch has had an accident after falling from his bike, though decides to go to the restaurant with Louisa in place of Mitch's date. Mitch ends up back home the following day, though with a hazy memory, while Morris becomes jealous of the attention towards Mitch.

2. Unpacking the Yada Yada

Two weeks have passed and Mitch's memory is mostly back except his previously planned date with Ellie, which has left her irritated. Celebrating at the pub, Ellie has also heard from ex-boyfriend Mark who has apologised for his previous behaviour. Louisa and Will meanwhile are still arguing about their previous visit to the expensive restaurant, and end up in bed together. The situation also angers Morris who thinks Will is invading his space with regard to computer-problem-solving. Mitch is also intrigued at the events having worked out what has happened, and suggests repercussions. News also gets to Ellie who is upset at not being told the details by Louisa, and through a bunch of misunderstandings, Morris is the last to know the truth as usual.

3. Undercover Hamster

It is Friday and Morris is not his usual chatty self, which leaves Mitch and Will confused at the all-time short conversation with him. Ellie is still concerned about Mitch having forgotten their date, as well as having to find a person to talk careers to her class of children. Taking to asking Mitch, he refuses due to "not feeling 100%". Morris also turns up having struck up a conversation with a pet shop assistant Nina, which leads to a first date, via a lie about him owning a hamster. Back at the flat, Will is getting frustrated with Mitch's references to his accident and getting out of doing chores, while Morris tries his best to avoid letting Nina in to his flat for a nightcap, and discover his lie about having a hamster. Ellie has to resort to using Louisa to present to her kids.

4. Man Down

Will is taking stock as he has failed to get a translating job leading him to believe he is in a rut, though Mitch fails to cheer him up. Setting about opening himself up to new things, they are interrupted by Morris, who has lost his mobile phone and has sent a message to everyone he knows to contact Mitch if they need to urgently get in touch with him. Louisa and Ellie take to the pub alone, with Ellie panicking in case Mitch turns up unexpectedly. Louisa also has bad news as she has been asked to play a grandmother. Back at home, Will is taking to monitoring his fitness and sleep, as well as taking up yoga. Morris also grows concerned about Mitch not answering calls, while Louisa gets dolled up for a coffee date with Ellie before attending her audition which she intends to sabotage.

5. One's Company

Morris can't stop thinking about Nina, which has left him feeling down in the dumps, as Ellie and Louisa try to get him to move on. Bank Holiday has also arrived with no body knowing what to do with themselves. Mitch sets about learning how to play the guitar while Will has a headache. Mitch also contemplates how to avoid Morris visiting him for therapy. Morris also invites Will and Mitch to his secret roof terrace for drinks. Louisa, feeling lonely, sets about reading in Ellie's flat with her, though the situation proves irritating for the pair who soon discover Morris, Mitch and Will's plans for drinks on the rooftop terrace. Morris however is left having to work through his feelings for Nina, and decides to partake in some nude sunbathing which surprises Ellie and Louisa.

6. Best Man Wins

Ellie is attending a wedding which was postponed previously due to the pandemic and had hoped to have a partner by the time it went ahead. With her ex-partner Mark planning to attend, she gets advice from Louisa and Morris to ask Mitch to accompany her to the wedding. However, he rejects the offer leading Will to agree to go with her instead. The arrangement threatens to cause problems for Mitch who Will accuses of stringing her along. Mitch is left to wonder if he was too hasty in turning her down, and becomes somewhat jealous when she loves Will's turquoise suit. Mitch ends up stuck with Morris watching horror films and awaiting Will's return. However, when he does return with an opening being left for Mitch to approach Ellie, he finds that she has brought Mark home from the wedding.

Series Four

1. Best Upstairs Neighbour Ever

Mitch is unsure what to get Ellie as a present as Will suggests that he do something to improve their relationship. Will meanwhile has been overly kind to Ellie causing awkwardness, while Mitch has his own awkward moment when Ellie buys him a trilby. Morris is in the pub with Louisa when Will arrives where discussion turns to the couple who Louisa thinks are due to break up again for the third time in four months, as Will suggests Mitch is under the thumb and unable to make his own decisions. When Mitch encounters his ex-mother-in-law, it leads to him introducing Ellie as his upstairs neighbour rather than partner which causes irritation, while his attempt to have some space on Sunday leads to another argument as she plans to cook a roast dinner which soon attracts the attention of the others.

2. The Longest Brief Thing

Morris is still feeling down from his failed chance with Nina who Louisa has taken to trying to befriend at the local cafe. Ellie attempts to see how Morris really feels about the situation, while Will is also spends some time in the cafe and hits it off with Will though he initially rejects her advances. Mitch is less than pleased at Ellie having Morris tag along to dinner with them as they attempt to keep the news of Nina with Will from him. Will eventually is talked around by Nina who suggests they keep their relationship a secret for a time. It isn't long however until Morris discovers the truth, which causes Will to feel more guilty. With Mitch, Ellie, Morris, and Louisa joining Will and Nina at the pub, she becomes irritated at having to spend time with the four and their over-friendliness, and ends the fling.

3. Cat and Mice

Ellie and Mitch have had a bust-up over his reluctance to go visiting Ellie's elderly mother, while Will has been betting with Louisa on their arguments. Louisa meanwhile is upset that Morris has been feeding a cat they name Orlando which she fears will affect her part in an upcoming film. Orlando soon begins to bring dead mice which Louisa ends up standing on, which is the start as it brings another mouse in the middle of the night resulting in the five having to catch it. Morris discovers the following morning that Orlando has died as Louisa heads off to perform, leaving the other four to arrange funeral plans. Conducting a ceremony later that evening, they head to the pub where Ellie and Mitch reconcile from their previous argument as Louisa turns up with news of her day.

4. Ellie Retirement

In the pub, Louisa is complaining about the prices going up as talk turns to drinking at home instead, while Ellie reveals she has been offered early retirement which has her contemplating moving the country. Louisa and Morris discover how much Mitch is paying in rent to Will and take to suggesting he talk Mitch into moving in with Ellie so he can take on a lodger at market rate though the idea of Morris moving in is less than appealing. With things looking uncertain for Mitch and the prospect of disharmony in the house, Mitch sets about questioning whether he can move in with Ellie but is promptly rejected, he turns to help from Morris who is touched that he has been considered as a flatmate, though a quick change of plans leads Mitch to stay by paying a higher rate while Ellie's early retirement is reconsidered.

5. The Toy Man

Mitch and Ellie plan on where to head for a meal, but decide on visiting the others at the pub for a quick stop. Meanwhile, Will is griping about their relationship being too friendly and complains further when he discovers Louisa has met someone - Josh - though is upset at Morris and Will not willing to put any effort into meeting him. The group also discover he is twenty-nine and are much more willing to meet him to watch the car crash of an evening, where they discover he runs his own technology company which leaves the five feeling somewhat down about their own careers when they discover how much money he makes. The night however proves to be a hit with Ellie, Mitch, Will, and Morris who come to enjoy the evening, which has Louisa irritated at him enjoying his time with the four.

6. Domestic Blitz

Will is proving difficult to live with due to his messiness while Morris is looking for a backup delivery location. Louisa is struggling to find an acting role as conversation between the pair turns to Ellie's insistence on cleaning her flat for Mitch, who arrives and questions whether all the tidying is affecting their sex life. Ellie approaches Louisa to clean for her with her new found free time spent with Mitch where they go wild swimming. However, the cleaning situation soon falls apart when Louisa fails to match Ellie's cleaning standards leaving Mitch having to repair the situation. Will takes to receiving Morris' package, which turns out to have an additional crate of booze mistakenly sent, which Will helps himself to. Mitch's attempts to maintain the balance result in Ellie being less than happy and Mitch irritated at the suggestion he do the cleaning which proves to be a turn on.