Any Other Business

This is a draft, and will be reviewed for accuracy in the future. (2020/03/13)

Episode 1

In the town of Chesbury, the local council election results cause uproar when an apparently unelectable actually gets elected to the council leaders seat. The former Conservative leader, Dr Whittaker, takes to blaming everyone including the electorate for his loss, and begins to try and work out a future plan. Meanwhile, the winner, Arthur, who is part of the Monster Loony Party and not originally a serious candidate, wonders about his own future. However, his aide believes they need to enact as much change in the time they have. The Liberal Party is believed to be instrumental as no one party has a majority in the council.

Episode 2

Ploting the shape of the future council, Jeremy finds that Erica Clark may become the leader of the Labour-led coalition council after seizing control of the Labour group. This upsets Arthur who has been on the council for many years, but has been usurped. For the Conservatives, Mrs Ballard is angry at the loss of power and despite offering to resign her seat for him, he suggests they need to regain the party's power first. Erica starts to plan out policy, and decides to sell off the mayoral car to raise funds, which leads to the mayor resigning. Erica persuades nanny Camilla to apply for a mayoral driving job due to her also being a minority, with a policy of hers being to increase minority jobs in local government.

Episode 3

Florence Ballard is angered that a twenty year old has been made mayor, along with friend Graham being mayoress, and dislikes Camilla having been made a driver. At an event in the afternoon, the mayor nervously introduces a speaker who represents town centre traders, though Erica disagrees with her on a number of points. Dr Whittaker tries to jump on this as evidence the council is in shambles. Discussing the sale of the mayoral limousine, the motion is carried just as the fire alarm is sounded. Jeremy informs them some time later that the fire was started in the kitchen by trainee staff. With dinner ruined by the sprinkler system, Mrs Ballard takes to furiously complaining about the substitute lunch venue.

Episode 4

The local football team, Chesbury FC, is in financial trouble. However, a potential buyer wants to build a new stadium and retail park on local playing fields in Florence Ballard's ward. Seeing that a retail park would conflict with the interests of the town centre traders, Erica wonders how to proceed. At the next meeting, Dr Whittaker takes to representing the traders. A working party is setup and the doctor is made vice-chairman. Mrs Ballard, as chair of the meeting, also spends all meeting ignoring Erica's attempts to speak. After the meeting, the team manager queries whether the council can sponsor the team, suggesting that it is the better plan. Jeremy suggests the traders may be persuaded to assist financially.

Episode 5

Jeremy is finding the enthusiasm of the Labour-led council a change of pace, while Erica hears about a scheme to improve the local town's economy with a local-only money. Mrs Ballard is yet again complaining to Dr Whittaker about a residents parking scheme being put on the back-burner. Erica is against bringing up the parking scheme due to the difficulty in enforcing it, and receives a visit from Florence who advises that a friend has dirt on her. Florence attempts to blackmail her by suggesting she approve a residents parking scheme. At the next council meeting, Erica suggests to Robin that the cycle scheme will have to be delayed. As the parking scheme is passed, Dr Whittaker and Mrs Ballard celebrate.

Episode 6

Camilla is upset with Robin for voting for the parking scheme at the expense of the cycling scheme. Meanwhile, a resident has erected a scaled-down model of the Starship Enterprise on top of their roof. Mrs Ballard and Dr Whittaker take to blaming the council and lack of national service, and wonder how a visit to Chesbury by German dignitaries will make of it. At the dinner party with the German party, Erica and Hans become close while talking leading to Arthur wondering if she is planning on having an affair. On the final night of the visit, Hans invites Erica on an "adventure" to prevent having to go Florence Ballard's party. The pair take a trip with Jeremy and Hillary to see the Starship Enterprise installation.