Cleaning Up

1. New Recruit

Julie arrives for her work as a cleaner in a plush office block where a new employee is expected to join her and the other girls. Chatting with security guard Dave, Julie attempts to avoid questioning on her weekend away with husband Brian. Heading upstairs to take role call, Shivon is less than keen but looking forward to a date while Nita also proves difficult as talk turns to health and safety after previous employee Lynn Marie "fell" from a window. Dave meanwhile has to deal with Nobby who reveals he is the new cleaner having been sent by the Job Centre, who ends up breaking the door glass trying to get into the building. Julie arrives to meet her new colleague and discovers that she knows Nobby already from school, though Nobby is hoping that their working relationship will be a short one as he is hoping to get sacked. He goes on to reveal to Nita and Shivon that they were an item while they were teenagers but his family moved away suddenly while Julie was on holiday and they lost contact. Deciding on leaving, Nobby is stopped by Julie from leaving where they talk about the previous events throughout the rest of the night. Nobby also discovers that Julie is married to Brian who he also knew, though Julie is less than honest about the state of their relationship, as Nobby vows to be back for his next shift.

2. True Love

Dave is contemplating whether the start of their night shifts counts as morning or evening, before questioning whether Julie believes in sliding doors moments after dealing with Brian drunk on the phone again. Julie and Nobby arrive on the floor to find Shivon wearing a wedding dress and claiming that she is getting married, after being proposed to by an Iranian man in a shop named Amir. Julie sets about trying to convince her not to make a mistake and get married immediately after meeting someone, considering that the wedding date is set for fifteen days away. Nita meanwhile is worried about having to give a speech at the ceremony. Julie comes clean to the other three about being stuck in a loveless marriage herself in an attempt to convince Shivon, while Shivon announces that she is only marrying Amir to prevent him being deported back to his home country where he is at risk due to being gay and he has just recently come out of a relationship himself. Julie and Nobby end up talking on the roof where she reveals that despite her relationship, she is still intent on making it work before receiving an apologetic call from Brian about his earlier drunken phone call. The situation leaves Nobby conflicted and he resorts to watching a Nicolas Cage film with Dave at the end of the shift.

3. Getting Stuck

Dave's wife has left him for a nineteen year old and the cleaning crew try to improve his morale, though he struggles to overcome the feeling of loss and lack of ambition in hif life. Setting about their work, Julie reveals she has received a "communication" from management with news that the cleaning crew have to take on cleaning the outside of the office windows after the previous contractor has gone out of business. Shivon, Nita, and Nobby are less than pleased at the idea with the thought of dealing with heights proves difficult to overcome for Nita though Shivon offers to her to help her get over the fear with hypnosis and ends up making her think she is a chicken. Julie and Nobby take on the task of outdoor window cleaning though Julie spends most of her time screaming in fear. When Julie attempts to take control of the situation, the pair end up stuck hanging off the cradle. Nita is eventually returned from her bird-based mentality, while the cables on the cradle begin to fail which has the pair reconciling their past, with Nobby wishing for a final kiss from Julie if they only have a couple of minutes left to live. The pair however spotted by Dave and promptly rescued just in the nick of time, with Julie and Nobby both suspicious of why he was up on the roof.

4. Surprise

Dave is still feeling depressed since his wife has taken most of the furniture in his house. Shivon takes to avoiding Nobby which quickly arouses the suspicions of Dave and Nita. Julie sets about planning a surprise - ensuring that Nita can meet Alex whose office she cleans but has yet to be introduced to. Nobby comes clean to Nita that he slept with Shivon and attempts to set things straight as Shivon also reveals the news to Julie. Alex eventually turns up though Nita struggles to get over his lazy eye, while Julie shows them to their table in a makeshift dining experience she has organised for the pair. Julie meanwhile proves to be more upset about Nobby than she initially lets on and runs off to clean the toilets, while Shivon tries to convince Nobby to let her know her feelings, though Julie overhears the conversation and shoots down the idea. With the team looking about to fall apart, Alex invites Nita to join him on a trip to Buenos Aires. Nobby also sets about getting Julie to go away with him, though she again rejects his advances suggesting that she is happy with life as it is which leaves Nobby deciding on leaving. Shivon also announces she is leaving to prevent being left alone, leaving Nobby required to make a final attempt at rescuing the situation before they all part.