Cooking in a Bedsitter

Series 1

1. Beef Olives

Twenty-three year old Trisha arrives in her new bedsitter to find Deepak washing pots in the bath. The following day, she meets her mum in a cafe where she is queried about her choice to move in to a bedsitter, though her father expects her to move back home before marrying Keith as her parents expect. On arriving home, she meets Deepak again who tells her that about the previous tenant who was much like Trisha, who lasted two months before moving out and getting married. Speaking to her dad on the phone, he tries to persuade her to come home without much success. She also enlists Deepak's help in moving an old wardrobe down from the attic, which has been home to pigeons, before breaking down and crying due to missing home. Deepak takes to offering tea, before setting about helping her fix-up the wardrobe. In the stuck drawer, they find a book - 'Cooking in a Bedsitter' by Katharine Whitehorn. Browsing through the recipes and advice, she gains a renewed confidence and invites her parents over for dinner.

2. Stuffed Eggs

Trisha starts the day by burning her skirt on a toaster. At the station, she encounters a fellow resident and mechanic, Tony, who makes a number of racist jibes about Deepak in between sexist comments. At work, she gets invited to a party though is required to bring party food. Coming home, she finds Tony and Deepak arguing who makes insinuations that Deepak and Trisha are in a relationship through some more racist comments. Deepak decides that they should be more careful about how they appear to others. Attempting to cook mushrooms, she ends up cooking stuffed eggs with bad eggs. Trisha also receives phone calls from Keith, and out on the street on the way to the party, Keith arrives in a car and invites himself to the party. She attempts to break off the engagement, but Keith gets there before her saying that he has met someone else. Back at the bedsitter, Trisha thanks Deepak with some cooking who in turn apologises for his reaction to Tony.

3. Coffee Chiffon

At lunch with friend Jill, Trisha tells her that Keith dumped her first, but receives little sympathy who responds that she has a new boyfriend, Stuart. Jill decides to set Trisha up with one of Stuart's friends at a meal at the bedsit. Trisha's dad is also happy that his daughter won't be marrying Keith, due to a personality clash. Deepak resorts to taking her out, where he reveals he has his own problems with an arranged marriage. With Deepak's help, Trisha prepares a meal for Jill and her "boyfriend" Stuart, plus the friend at the bedsitter. Jill starts the evening by deciding to swap men, and Trisha has to deal with the advances of Stuart resulting in her fending him off by lightly stabbing him when he comes on too strong. Deepak arrives, as Jill the the men leave with some snide comments.

4. Potato Salad

While out at lunch with her mother, Trisha spots Jill in the cafe who promptly ignores the pair. Her mother also mentions that Keith is single again. On the way home, she meets Deepak who is feeling a little homesick. His twenty-fifth birthday is also on Sunday. As Sunday arrives, Trisha also has a meal with her family scheduled in which Keith is invited, however she calls off sick to have a picnic lunch on the beach with Deepak. At the beach, they are talking about their uncertain futures before the mods and rockers start a fight. Escaping to a cafe, Deepak has to attend to cut on a rocker who enters. On the train home, Deepak tells Trisha he does not want her to return home and admits his feelings for her to which she reciprocates. Back at home, Trisha's father arrives to drop off some food. Her mother has taken to wedding planning in the expectation that Trisha and Keith will get back together. Deepak walks in, to which her father suggests she move back home immediately.

Series 2

1. Mutton Rissoles

Trisha is moving due to the rent going up in her bedsitter, and has to cope with her mum and dad helping her move. She also has a new boyfriend, Robert. Eating with her new room-mate Moira, who cooks everything from tins with toast, she also discovers a meal rota. The following day, Trisha conducts a magazine interview with a Radio Caroline DJ who proves difficult. In the cafe, Deepak clears the table where he helps out for his uncle and the two are reunited after some time apart. Deepak says he has given up being a doctor, and is working in a school. Helping her finish her interview piece, he invites her for a meal where he talks about having to leave because his parents withdrew his allowance when he realised he could not become a doctor, and had to move out believing that it would be easier to not say goodbye. Back at her flat, Trisha talks Moira into allowing her to help with the cooking.

2. Veiled Country Lass

Trisha is expecting to meet Robert's parents, but ends up conflicted when Deepak eventually rings after more than a week being ill, and asks her to attend a jazz concert with him. On the night of the concert, Deepak rings enquiring as to where Trisha is, however Moira covers for her saying that she is unwell. Instead, she is attending the dinner with Robert and his parents in Guildford. In the car, Robert criticises her bringing of a dessert and the dress. At the house, she finds a formal event at a stately mansion, and feels distinctly uncomfortable. Deepak turns up at the bedsit to enquire how Trisha is, and Moira has to reveal the truth. When her dinner begins to burn, Deepak takes to helping Moira out. As Trisha recedes into the shadows at the house, she decides to leave and head back to London, where she finds Deepak fixing a variety of things around the bedsit. Deepak questions whether they have broken up, leaving Trisha unsure.

3. Green Pea Sandwiches

Trisha is still upset about the party, and arrives home to find Moira still hasn't started cooking their dinner. Still with Robert however, Moira claims that Trisha's mood is down to her interest in Deepak. She takes to visiting Deepak at the school before heading off for a "best pal's afternoon" with Moira. He invites her for an afternoon out in Oxford instead. Trisha's mother rings her home, and speaks to Moira who reveals that she is out with Deepak. In Oxford, Deepak takes Trisha to a protest against the Vietnam war as he tries to get her politically involved, before almost getting arrested. After the protest, Deepak reveals he is planning to move to the United States and get involved in the civil rights movement. Back at her bedsit, she finds her mother has rung a number of times. Speaking with her, she tells her parents she has decided that Robert is the one.

4. Bolognese Cutlets

Trisha and Robert have made up, as she asks for another chance with his parents and suggests they sit down with her own. Moira also has a boyfriend who she has been seeing for six days, and things are looking promising. The pair head out for lunch at the restaurant where Deepak possibly still works, with Trisha being unsure as to whether he has left for America. Deepak appears and steps in when Moira begins to choke. Back at the bedsit, Trisha and Moira discuss the situation. When Trisha manages to get Deepak a photo-shoot at work, he reveals it will pay him enough to head to America in just a few days. Preparing a dinner for her parents and Robert at the bedsit, Trisha comes to the realisation that Deepak is the one for her. She manages to get a lift to the airport, but spots Deepak's broken down car on the way. Heading over to him, the pair kiss and decide they should be together.