Fear on 4

Fear on 4 is a BBC series which features a range of horror and suspense stories. In total, forty-eight episodes were produced and broadcast. The show is narrated by the Man in Black, who is played by Edward de Souza.

The Man in Black was a separate, but similar show which aired in 2009.

Note that the episodes listed below are shown in alphabetical order rather than the original broadcast order.

A Child Crying

A man, Ian, recalls the story of living in a flat above another forty-one year old man, Dan Gooding, who is a writer that has recently moved into the building. Dan came to his apartment one evening seeking help, and questions whether there is a child in the building as he can hear one crying. The pair head down to Dan's flat at his insistence where he reveals that the sound of the child crying only seems to occur when he is away from his word processor. Ian eventually manages to convince Dan to go to the pub to discuss the situation during which Dan indicates that he is writing a novel about a child which has Ian questioning whether Dan really believes he is being persecuted by a possibly supernatural child. Unable to help beyond suggesting he return to visit a therapist, Ian offers his support which proves to be a point of contention with his flatmate Paul and leads to an argument. The pair are awoken in the early hours of the morning by shouting, which leads Ian to ring Dan's phone, where they hear for themselves the sound of a crying child.

A Day at the Dentists

A dentist is approaching his final hour of work before retirement and is dealing with his last few patients. A man, Mr Fred Hausman, enters the surgery having been a previous patient whose filling has now fallen out, ten years after his last appointment. The receptionist suggests that the dentist will be too busy to see him, but upon revealing Mr Hausman's name, he agrees to see patient who is becoming increasingly agitated due to a fear of dentists. Settling him down into a chair, the dentist begins talking to him in an attempt to calm him down before beginning the procedure, though begins to ask probing questions which irritate Fred. Eventually managing to persuade him into the dentistry chair, where he ties him down. Inviting his wife over, the dentist begins to reveal the truth about why he has been looking forward to a visit from Mr Hausman, during which his past catches up with him.

A Routine Operation

Mary begins to feel pain and her husband Derek suggests she has appendicitis after experiencing it himself as a child. She argues with her him when he insists she should visit the doctor, and becomes angry when he arranges for the doctor to visit them. The doctor immediately suggests a visit to hospital for appendix removal, though Derek struggles to get her out of the house when she refuses to go. Mary goes on to reveal that she has been having dreams of an hospital operating theatre in which she is the patient, though Derek is able to persuade her that death is much more likely if she doesn't go, despite her anguish. As the time for the operation draws close, Mary insists to herself that she resist going to sleep as the sleeping gas begins to take effect. Mary finds herself aware in the operating theatre, and realises that she isn't asleep as they get started.

The Beast with Five Fingers

Mr Saunders arrives back home at midnight and discovers his employer Eustace calling him from his room. Heading up to the bedroom, he finds Eustace, a scientist, startled that something is in the room with him and hiding behind his books. He goes on to describe that he has been bequeathed an item from a dead uncle which arrived that morning, and upon opening it, it escapes. Upon reading the letters left by his uncle, he discovers that his uncles right hand is the "animal" within the box after describing to Saunders his blind uncles ability to write perfectly. Saunders and Eustace find that the beast has regained its strength and begins to throw books at them, with the pair setting about attempting to and eventually succeeding in catching it. However, it has an ability to escape by way of writing notes where it ends up in the bath unable to escape. Capturing it again, Eustace believes it is trying to kill him before it manages to escape again through the window leaving Eustace fearing as the night approaches.

The Blood of Eva Bergen

Claire, a talented pianist, and Tom visit the resting place of renowned pianist Eva Bergen. She recalls obtaining a scholarship under the strict and intimidating teacher Anatoli Iliev, while Tom struggles to understand how she liked him as he "made her life a misery". The two take to discussing and recalling the early days of their relationship which was affected by Iliev's role in Claire's life as she became more under his spell. Claire also recalls a time when she had a fever and was given a glass to drink a liquid from, while also revealing he tasted her own blood when she cut her finger, as well as a time she moved in with Iliev to continue playing. Iliev is also suffering from arthritis and feels his life is over due to the impact on his piano playing, until he is able to taste the blood of Eva Bergen as he prepares to play at a concert. He sets about seeking to play like that again, but is unable to before Bergen is killed in a car crash in Greece. Claire sets about laying lilies on the grave of Eva to make amends for Iliev not being able to do so.

By the River Fontainebleau

In the French countryside, young artists Marcel and Antoine are heading to Paris where they encounter a farmer who attempts to discourage them from continuing along the track they are on. Feeling sorry for a pig in distress, they also spot a farm girl, Annalise, who Antoine immediately develops a strange attraction to. Antoine decides that he is staying at the farm, as Marcel decides that he has had enough of artistry. Antoine makes an agreement with the farmer to stay in the barn for an extortionate price, and the two friends part ways. Marcel returns to the farm after speaking with Antoine's father, who cuts off his sons allowance, to find a dishevelled and overworked Antoine and a mysterious Annalise still there. Failing to persuade Antoine to leave, Marcel agrees to stay with them for a short time, and is disturbed by Annalise who disappears for hours on end. Antoine is kicked out of the farm when his money runs out, and Marcel's attempt to reason with the farmer has him make a discovery about Annalise's fate and Antoine's artistic mind.

The Chimes of Midnight

Professor Richard Hargreaves becomes obsessed with his subject - horology - who meets a man, Jonathan Tempray, who collects and deals in timepieces and offers the chance to show him round his shop which happens to be at midnight due to a hectic schedule. Tempray allows him to see an ancient clock which begins to chime as the clock strikes twelve, with Richard immediately offering to buy it for a substantial sum of money. At a dinner event, Richard attempts to demonstrate using his watch and discovers it has stopped, leading him to run off at midnight to hear the chimes which has his wife Mary both annoyed and concerned. Attempting to understand how the clock mechanism works alongside friend Toby who goes on to investigate the material it is made from, he finds the clock is made of human bone. Richard sets about finding more information on its origin, and sets about seeing Jonathan again, where he discovers the shop he visited has vanished. Jonathan soon appears to reveal he has retrieved the clock as it has become time for parts of it to be renewed with Richard's help.

Dance in the Underworld

Teenager Tony is involved in a coal mining accident which leaves him in intensive care in hospital and taking the doctors advice that he will not recover, his father Victor agrees to turn off the life support machines. His wife Avril however refuses to believe that her son is dead, blames Victor for encouraging him into the line of work, and is happy that the pit is closed some time after her sons death. She also keeps their daughter, Janey, who now lives in Australia updated on the local gossip while spending her time in the garden shed talking to herself. Taking to seeing a therapist, she discusses her belief that Tony is alive as her relationship with Victor becomes more distant over the years. Janey meanwhile has constant feelings that something terrible is going to happen. Victor begins to crack due to the constant accusation that Tony was buried alive resulting in him dragging Avril to the pit on the anniversary of their marriage, where Tony reappears to exact revenge on his father.

Dark Feathers

In Devon, teenager Fay gets into an argument with her friend Jenny and damages her radio in anger, with Jenny's mother suggesting that something isn't right with her. Fay leaves the West Country for some time, but returns a woman having bought a cottage to work in. Contacting Jenny, Fay insists she come to her cottage to stay the night to allow her to finish her current work - an opera of the Morrighan. Driving to the house, Jenny encounters a large bird which she almost hits, but vanishes as quickly as it appeared. Speaking to a local about directions to the house, she begins to sense the hostility towards outsiders where he reveals Fay has immediately become unpopular after having Rooks killed due to her dislike of them. As Fay desperately attempts to finish her opera, she begins to fall apart mentally as the birds begin to gather outside. Jenny calls Paul in an attempt to get him to come and pick them up, as the birds begin to exact their revenge.

The Dead Drummer

On Salisbury Plain, a heavy storm is ongoing where two Napoleonic drummers are struggling for shelter. Their fear is not the thunder, wind, or rain but the potential for hearing drums. The two travellers, Matthew and Billy Boy, head to a nearby inn where they seek shelter where the landlord agrees to take them in. Billy continues to shriek each time a thunderbolt sounds as Matthew attempts to calm him for fear of raising questions. Unable to suppress the landlords suspicions, Matthew regales him with the tale of the drummer boy - Billy was a sergeant in the military and went to battle with a drummer named Brand by his side, with the drummer being killed by bandits and Billy running away. However, Billy is still haunted by the sounds of drums and believes he sees him with the drummer coming back for him. Billy's continued mental affliction and eventually collapses leading the pair to put him into a bed, though when the landlord returns to Billy's room, he finds Billy's throat has been cut. Matthew however discovers a secret that the landlord has held back regarding his son - a drummer boy - who was killed.

Dead Man’s Boots

Richard and Myra Duncan purchase a terraced house for a remarkably cheap price in London though it requires some work to bring it up to standard. The pair move in and as work progresses, Myra discovers a pair of old, neglected boots in a hidden cupboard alongside a bed shawl and newspaper cutting who they find belonged to a woman who was brutally murdered. Her husband was a suspect, but later released with the guilty party never being found. Myra begins to become heavily involved in the case which begins to grate on Richard as work slows down on the doing the house up. Richard however discovers that the house has been bought and sold multiple times with couples quickly leaving when they find the place out of the ordinary, though keeps it for some time from Myra. With Myra's obsession continuing, Richard throws the boots away which leads Myra to believe that the act has disturbed a supernatural being who appears at their window - William Arthur Price - the murderer who returns from the dead.

The Dispossessed Daughter

Married couple David and Ellen live with their daughter Jane in a countryside house. David however is annoyed at Ellen for referencing Imogen when saying goodnight to their daughter - their oldest daughter who died. The pair take to outside with a baby monitor where they discuss a friends anecdote about other couples arguing being picked up on transmitters. The pair are quickly startled by an awful noise coming over the monitor though head back to find nothing wrong. David goes on to take a walk to the cemetery with Ellen, where he meets the new vicar Russell in the parish, and discusses the situation with Imogen's death. Back at home, David becomes irritated by Ellen's working too hard and also encounters the noise again on the baby monitor. The pair begin to experience more strange phenomena in the house with David believing that the house has become haunted and sets about getting Russell to help them where he suggests they are in a race against time, where David finds Ellen has made a pact with the devil.

Dreaming of Thee

Lorna is awoken by her roommate Cass in the middle of a strange dream. She goes on to describe some of the events in which she attempts to get to a house of the dream which becomes recurring. Attempting to take her mind off things, the pair go to the theatre though Lorna ends up falling asleep with the same dream being played out in which she struggles to get into the house before awaking with a scream. Leaving the theatre and heading home, Lorna recognises a house which she believes is the same one she has been dreaming about. Knocking on the door, she asks the man who answers to be allowed in though he refuses stating that the house is being haunted - by her. The pair discuss the situation with friend Eddie who remarks he has met the man, Bob, as Lorna sets about trying to avoid dreaming. Her latest dream finally takes her inside where the man begs her to not come inside, however she states she must continue. Heading upside, Lorna screams at the horror she sees before dying of fright. Bob goes on to explain the events surrounding her dream and his house to her friends.

The Edge

Thomas and his partner Meg hike up a mountain where they look at a view before he almost falls from the cliff on which they stand. He however wakes up part way through to Meg trying to calm him, while his son Jeff's drawing of a cliff sets off his anger. At work, Thomas talks with his colleague Ned where the topic of his significant debt comes up having previously loaned him money. Thomas reveals one of his previous dreams has him pushing Ned off a cliff, while Ned only offers him the address of a mysterious man he believes who can help him resolve his financial issues. Another dream has Thomas reveal to Meg that he pushed Jeff and her over a cliff leaving her questioning whether the family is safe. Thomas is place on leave from work due to his financial issues and work problems, which leads to another dream of throwing daughter Devina from the cliff. As Meg attempts to leave the house, Thomas sets about fixing his problem after setting a deadline for himself. On arriving home, Meg finds that Thomas has written a letter explaining his debts and that he has taken the children for a walk to observe a special view.

Every Detail But One

Jenny returns home from work, somewhat tired due to her ongoing pregnancy, and sets about listening to her phone messages. The final message is the chilling sound of a girl saying "help me" with a hoarse voice though she dismisses it when talking to her friend Leslie about it. Returning home again, she answers the phone to Leslie and hears the voice saying her name over the line, though Leslie is unable to hear it. Enquiring with the police about the situation, little help is provided though she begins to dismiss the situation as silly. Turning the television on back at home, Jenny is yet again subjected to the voice asking for her help, before it begins to talk to her as she is trying to fall asleep but promptly vanishes when turning the light on. Jenny struggles to get her parents to believe her about the situation, before coming to the realisation that she has to confront the voice which she begins to believe is that of her unborn child. It eventually begins to talk and reveals that it is dying and its too late to be helped leading Jenny to make an attempt on her own life.

The Face

A woman, Hesther, describes having recurring nightmares to her friend Celia. She goes on to recall a dream she had as a child which have now returned where she is walking on a sandy beach and following a path leading towards a ruined church before the dream ends. However, her recent dream has changes in which the church is affected by coastal erosion. Before she begins to describe the latest dream, her husband Richard returns home leading Hesther to avoid continuing as Richard is less than sympathetic to her dream situation. Heading to bed, Hesther begins dreaming again in which she tries and fails to avoid looking at a face staring at her from the cliff, which announces that it is coming for her. The following day, Hesther describes the second dream to Celia where she comes to the conclusion that the face is drawing nearer as the church moves closer to the sea. Heading to an art gallery, Hesther spots a portrait of Roger Whyburn which she immediately identifies as the face from her dream leading the pair to head out. Hesther sets about telling Richard about the dream in which he convinces her to visit a doctor to discuss her problems where she is encouraged to have a break away from things.

Fat Andy

"Fat Andy" recalls being bullied by a girl, Joanne, who taunts him as he leaves church. Now grown up, he speaks with his mother as he helps bring in the shopping as talk turns to God who Andy believes is punishing them as the roof begins to fall into disrepair. The flowers he has put out in the garden have been turned over, which leaves him upset and has him return to the church which he also believes is about to be sold and demolished. He also remembers being taken to a secret location by the girl despite her nastiness towards him. At a church event, Andy believes he hears a voice and begins to panic that Joanne is coming to get him before running off as his mother gives chase. Andy also begins to hallucinate that she is appearing in the house in place of his mother as he continues to recall portions of his youth with Joanne which culminates in her leading him into a cave with her continued taunts. Her nastiness continues with her threatening to leave him to drown in the cave by the rising tide before scaring him, resulting in him lashing out at her and him escaping the cave alone though he finds himself back there.

Gobble, Gobble

Farmer Mr Carter is visited by Martin, a young civil servant from the Department of Agriculture, who insists that they have to slaughter a suffering bull who is struggling with a disease. Mr Carter however is angered at the decision though insists on being present when it is done, though puts off signing the forms. Martin heads over to his farm just prior to Christmas after Carter puts off signing the forms for months who doesn't remember him and takes to pointing his shotgun at the man. Carter still holds a grudge over the death of his bull, having also got rid of his milking herd, and begins to believe that Martin has come back to kill other animals despite him being a paper-pusher. Martin is locked in the barn until Christmas Day having passed out and struggles once awake with his fear of birds which Carter insists on doing though Carter's anger gets the better of him again, and he leaves Martin locked in the barn again. Martin continues to be taunted as Carter proves his madness by killing himself with the shotgun, though the situation also leaves Martin in a mentally unstable state, as his work colleagues begin the search for him when he doesn't return after the Christmas break.

Green and Pleasant

Nineteen year old musician and supposed environmentalist Sarah Lovecraft has been missing for over a week after giving an interview on television show Green and Pleasant on which she was presented with pictures of environmental crimes committed by a cosmetics company she owns as well as rumours about her sell-off of a portion of pristine Scottish land to an industrial property developer. She finds herself having been locked into a room unable to recall how she got into it. A man, known as Mr Smith, contacts Green and Pleasant to reveal he has kidnapped Sarah to teach her a few lessons and takes to talking with her about the rumours presented by the show as well as occasionally torturing her by treating her like a test animal. Mr Smith continues to ring the television programme as he vows to do to her the same as what people like her are constantly doing to the planet before going on to reveal he has poisoned the water he has been giving her. However, Green and Pleasant makes an announcement that Sarah is innocent of the accusations though their pleas for Mr Smith to stop comes too late as the police close in.

The Hairy Hand of Dartmoor

Jeff and Kate prepare to head out to a friends' Abigail and Henry's party, though Kate is dragging her heels in choosing a dress to wear. Eventually getting Kate's car started, the pair head out across the moor much to Kate's irritation at taking the bad road while Jeff speeds trying to prevent being too late. Jeff also takes to putting Kate down about various things before they arrive as their relationship appears to be loveless. Eventually arriving, Jeff heads to talk with a number of other men and begins drinking, while fellow party-goer Henry tries it on with Kate who is in the midst of talking about Dartmoor with other women. Talk at the party turns to the legend of the Hairy Hand of Dartmoor, while Jeff becomes angrier at the suggestion of witches he believes are made up by the locals to keep people away. Jeff also makes a pass at Abigail who is a local and less than impressed at Jeff's attitude, who gets into an altercation with Kate over her choice of dress after drinking too much before getting into his car and driving off despite Abigail's insistence that he will pay for his destruction of others.

Hand in Glove

At Jasmin Lodge in Ireland, sisters Ethel and Elsie Trevor are both looking for a man to marry, and with their local town about to lose its military, the chance of finding love will become more difficult. The pair also keep widow Aunt Elysia locked in the loft of the building much to Ethel's irritation that she remains living with them. The pair also take to hunting through Elysia's belongings to find a dress for Ethel as they prepare to attend the final military ball. With the hope of a marriage fading, Ethel and Elsie set their sights on Englishmen Lord Frederick and Arthur who they hope to impress, however the gentlemen have heard the strange rumours about the sisters. Elsie becomes worried about her sister who mentally seems to be becoming easily irritated as Frederick continues to remain an unachievable goal as Elysia refuses to help her with the location of keys for trunks in storage which she believes holds the key to finding love - white gloves. Ethel resorts to murdering Elysia in anger and heads up to investigate the contents of the other trunks and discovers a glove which can exact revenge.

Hearing is Believing

After a theatre performance, Paul Gillis arrives to visit actress Miss Laura Chandler when he meets a man who introduces himself as Harry. Letting Paul in, the two begin to talk with Harry showing him onto the stage, before heading off to find Laura. While on stage, Paul hears a voice on the loudspeaker before a recording of his affair with Laura begins to play. The man playing the recording introduces himself as Martin, a sound engineer, and seems to know plenty about Paul who he sees as a threat to his own relationship with Laura. Contacting the police, the pair receive a visit from a sergeant who investigates, and is unable to find where Laura has vanished to though soon exits leaving Paul confused about Harry's real identity before revealing his name is actually Martin. Martin soon disappears leaving Harry to attempt a rescue of Laura who has come to fear for her life from her former lover who fears her rejection, though not everything is quite what it seems.

Hellhound on My Trail

American professor James Harper has a love of jazz music which forms a huge part of his life. He has also taken to investigating the mysterious death of a musician named Sonny Hinds for a book, much to his wife's dismay that he spend so much time away from the family. James ponders whether he was murdered by the CIA for his part in the civil rights movement as well as question the chance he may still be alive, while a barman suggests he was killed by the Ku Klux Klan. He goes on to receive a mystery phone call setting up a meeting in a remote location where he is met by a man, Ike Roberts, who claims Hinds was his half-brother who also investigated the disappearance in New Orleans. Ike goes on to explain what he knows which involves Sonny last being seen at a party while very drunk and his own experience of voodoo inflicted on him by a woman named Marcie Singleton, who demands he keep quiet. Ike suggests he follow the trail himself to New Orleans though his wife has significant apprehension at the potential danger he faces as she fears he has become obsessed.

His Last Card

Married couple Laura and Charles are putting up the Christmas decorations when they spot that an unsigned card has been sent containing a river scene where they met. Charles is out of work, being self-concious about himself, and begins to become irritated at not knowing who sent it. Laura begins to feel that the house is being watched and discusses her problems with colleague Richard, while Charles ponders whether it is someone trying to get in between their relationship as she was previously married to Alex who died. The cards continue to arrive as Charles becomes more angered that Laura is hiding something from him, while she considers whether friend Carol or former work colleague Frank could have sent them. Returning home, Laura finds Charles sat in the dark and waiting for her where he has worked out that Frank has sent the cards. Reading the messages, he finds that Frank has returned after some years away and come to meet Laura again resulting in Charles attacking and killing him when he barges into the house.

The Horn

Three men, Mick, Nathan, and David seek shelter together in a hut, as they are stranded due to bad snow after having been caught in the inclement weather while travelling on a remote stretch of motorway. Mick spots some old newspapers which cover the morbid stories of death before they go on to introduce themselves with Mick being a van driver and David a salesman. Mick and David struggle to get along as they find the gas ring has run out of fuel which leads Mick to venture out to look for further refuge. Remaining in the hut, Nathan and David hear a distant truck horn, which has them venturing out in the hope of improved shelter. They eventually arrive at a lorry, but find Mick has vanished and the lorry has no fuel. Another distant horn begins to sound with David keen to move on in the hope of finding a better place to stop. Nathan however remains and soon discovers Mick's gloves, and a mutilated Mick, in the back of the cab. Catching up with David, Nathan believes that a female ghost seeking revenge on her murderer that he read about in the newspaper is responsible for the events.

Invitation to the Vaults

Madame Freitas has become a widow after her husband, a renowened author dies. Initially his works were rejected by major publishing houses and he struggled to make a living from his craft, though he eventually encounters Albano Pizar who goes on to work for a small yet receptive publishing house in Paris willing to take him on as a client. The agency eventually collapses after overstretching itself leaving Pizar to disappear though believing he is owed by Madame Freitas. With the post-humous works already spoken for by other publishers and Madame Freitas insistent that correspondence must not be published until after she has died, Pizar eventually turns up but is left disappointed and insulted by the offer of a small collection of works Madame Freitas is willing allowed to be published, only after her death, leading him to try and discover what secrets she is hiding. When her private affairs look to be released to the public early, Madame Freitas sets about exacting revenge with the help of acquaintance Dr Manzanares.

The Journey Home

At a doctors house, couple Felicity and George are recounting their drive home during which they are almost hit by another car while Felicity is driving, resulting in George shouting at her just as the radio decides to go faulty with a loud, buzzer noise. The describe eventually arriving home three hours later unable to account for the missing time with the drive only usually thirty minutes. Felicity goes on to describe seeing a man and woman in what she can only describe as a dream, as George goes on to explain that Felicity believed that the missing time was accounted for by an encounter with a flying saucer. Felicity, in between panic attacks, is able to be talked into revealing what happened as she describes a man killing a woman. She is able to identify the dead woman as herself and able to free herself from the trauma of the events. Outside, George reveals that something did happen on the journey home - they were shown the future - and that Felicity's killer is himself as they come to the conclusion that they are entangled with fate.

The Judge’s House

Young student Malcolm moves into an old house which has been empty for a number of years, as he prepares to study for his final examinations, as he seeks peace and quiet in what was a house formerly belonging to a judge. The judge had a harsh and cruel personality which Malcolm is informed of the reputation of the house which is why Malcolm is offered it for a low price. Malcolm takes on Mrs Dempster as a part-time serveant, who also attempts to warn him of the previous history of the house, though Malcolm dismisses the scare stories. Working into the night, Malcolm initially enjoys the solitude, though eventually begins to hear the numerous rats in the old building and begins to feel uneasy. When Mrs Dempster turns up the following morning, she ponders whether Malcolm's sighting of a particularly large rat could be the old judge himself. Malcolm's query as to whether she can dust the old portraits of the house so he can have a good look at them, while another night is further disturbed by the rats with the large one appearing again with eyes which are all too similar to the portrait hanging in the same room.

Life Line

Ryan calls a premium-rate phone service called "Life Line" which provides the ability to share information with other callers, though following rules around not revealing personal information must be adhered to. Looking for "Belinda", Ryan hears stories from other callers who have weird dreams or strange events. His friend Colin takes pity by loaning money the following day for Ryan to make a call, as he struggles for money and attempts to sell his car. Ryan goes on to reveal the chatline service and the presence of Belinda - though Colin has to remind him that she died - before inviting him to listen in on a call in the evening. Colin comes to believe it might actually be Belinda, where he talks to his partner Susan about the situation and explains the circumstances around her death. Ryan receives a phone bill expecting a large bill, but finds the calls haven't been recorded, as Colin advises him something must be wrong while he is spurred on to make more calls though soon finds the number is no longer valid. Working out he may have broken the rules and having been frozen out, he sets about finding a way back in.

Making Sacrifices

Kerry heads into older student Alison's room at their boarding college St Lizzie's which they attend. Kerry is tasked with helping Alison spell while she is typing notes during which she takes the opportunity to take in the remarkable view from the "turret room". Alison announces that she is thinking about leaving the college, as Kerry ponders whether she will be nominated to take over the turret room when she is gone, with the resident of the room said to hold great power and importance amongst the students at the college. A hopeful Kerry however finds that she is instead tasked with cleaning out the grate in Alison's fireplace, leaving her disappointed and angry. Corrina also turns up with the task of cleaning the grate as the pair take to bickering and fighting over who will perform the task in the hope of winning the room. The pair, despite their dislike of each other, set about concocting a plan to gain revenge on Alison for her treatment of other girls, though Kerry underestimates the meek Corrina while Alison eventually arrives to find Corrina, a stranger to her, in her room and no sign of Kerry.

Mind Well the Tree

In Wales, couple David and Helen inherit the mansion estate - Elm Cottage - of dead relevative Aunt Hester with the pair being instructed with her final message "mind well the tree" as confirmed by her doctor. David is left confused as to why he has been left anything having not seen her for some years. Arriving to stay at the mansion, they are greeted by maid Gwen and take to questioning her about the elm tree which they discover is dead. David meanwhile is called away back to town for a business meeting, leaving Helen to stay at the house he doesn't have any particular fondness for. Helen spots an additional room at the top of the house while outside and instructs Gwen to take her to visit it, despite her reservations. Helen is left to rummage around the room which has been left in its immaculate state for many years. David meanwhile refuses to return to the house after a week, leaving Helen to remain as she attempts to write a book. Taking shade below the dead tree, Helen begins to hear voices and screams, while also discovering that the tree is leaking sap shortly before a dead branch drops and almost hits her. Surviving, Helen takes to questioning Gwen and the groundsman about the tree as she realises Aunt Hester left them a warning.

The Monkey’s Paw

Frank describes to his wife Martha about a former colleague, Tommy Morris, who left once a machine was introduced to the business going on to join the army. After more than twenty years, Frank invites him to stay with them when Tommy decides to return to his home town. Martha however has a terrible feeling about the situation, while son Richard recalls seeing him acting strangely outside the warehouse where they used to work. As the weather turns stormy, Frank goes on to reveal that Tommy cursed the machine shortly before leaving the company. Tommy eventually arrives and is soon telling the family about his travels abroad before showing them a monkey's paw which he retrieved from a man in India, which is believed to be magic. Frank insists on being given it for the three wishes as Tommy takes to warning him of the danger, while Martha reminds Frank of him already having everything he needs in life. With both Frank and Richard not convinced by Tommy's story, Frank makes a wish to pay off his mortgage and finds that the monkey's paw appears to move and discovers for every wish made a reaction occurs starting with Richard being killed by a cutting machine at work.

The Monkey’s Revenge

John, an unwell doctor continues his work on medical research using a monkey, as his assistant Maggie tries to persuade him to stop, shortly before the unconscious monkey bites her. Meanwhile, young girl June resigns from her job in a pet shop in favour of an offer from John about coming to work for him in the research lab due to her love of animals, much to her mother's dismay. Maggie finds the reality of her work difficult as the animals are caged, as John attempts to convince her it is for the greater good. John also considers getting rid of Maggie having become worried about her attitude to their work, as June is introduced to 'Control', a monkey in the lab which June takes a liking to. Maggie sets about finding out from June whether she is to be fired, as John appears to become more unwell with severe coughing, while June reveals that she has seen him taking large amounts of medication. As Maggie becomes more irate at the situation in the lab, she takes to showing June a secret room in which a monkey inhabits which is able to talk and has no body, while attached to a machine which is keeping it alive, which proves to be foresight of John's future.

Music Lovers

Mr Porley and Miss Ames are two music lovers who meet up to enjoy an evening of recorded music at the local church where they hope to enjoy their listening without being disturbed by the rabble. The pair go on to discuss the planned listening in which they are the only two in attendance at the regular group session, while Miss Ames suggests he deserves more people to turn up to hear his schedule. Mr Porley reveals he struggles to converse with the other members of the group in which he has only been attending for the past six months. The pair come to learn more about each other, including Mr Porley having to get rid of his brother's cat for its failure to listen quietly to music while Miss Ames discusse feeling at one with a deceased musician James Wilson whose live performance she had seen. While starting to listen, Mr Porley has to shake Miss Ames when he believes she is choking, which has him suggest he can help her. Miss Ames comes to realise that Mr Porley knows a lot about her and her attendance to the James Wilson concert will cost her life.

Net Suicide

Michael "Mikey" Scantgrace is congratulated at work by colleague Bob on another fantastic quarter which has earned him the title "The King" in the office. Working in futures dealing, Mikey has no future of his own which he describes as he writes his memoir which he publishes on the internet. Mikey however also has problems mounting with his deals starting to look like failures as time begins to run out before the auditors arrive. Back at home, his wife Celia is fed up with their marriage as he spends most of his time with the computer, resulting in her leaving him. Continuing to browse the net, he encounters a website named the Suicide Club and with his curiousity getting the better of him, Mikey enters his name. Becoming angry at the state of his life and the questions which reflect on his lack of a future, he joins the club and is informed they will be in touch. However, shortly after he is immediately informed that his deals are looking up with a promotion in the offing, though he begins to hear the devilish laugh of the Suicide Club which only he can hear.

The Next in Line

Marie and Joseph are travelling in Mexico with Marie keen to get to their destination quickly. In their hotel room, they observe a passing funeral procession of the local townspeople who are carrying a young girl to be buried leaving Marie feeling uneasy about staying in the small town and hoping to move on. Joseph however manages to persuade her to stay and the pair venture out for a walk in the heat of the day. Their ventures take them to the cemetery where the graves have been decorated for the Día de Muertos festival, where they encounter a local who invites them to visit a local tomb containing bodies awaiting to be mummified. The man goes on to tell a story of a young woman who was buried alive accidentally after a medical problem, as Marie begins to hear the voices of the dead. Escaping the catacombs, Marie begins to believe that she is next in line to die and is keen to get out of town before the end of the day, though Joseph's attempts to start the car fail.

Playing God

Mrs Drewitt reports her sixteen year-old daughter Alma has gone missing on her way to school, with a police officer suggesting it will be difficult to find her when Mrs Drewitt mentions that she had intended to go to London having become disillusioned with school. Alma meanwhile encounters homeless man Tom who introduces himself and reveals he has been offered potential work from Hilary who tells him to attend an address the following day, though is guarded about the role. Turning up at the address, Tom is left with a doctor who suggests he can earn £400 for participating in a medical trial with a particular interest in whether he knows of anybody who will miss him. The trial is completed and Tom is paid the money, though he begins to feel unwell as he returns to Alma, shortly before collapsing and dying outside a shop with an autopsy showing that Tom has had a kidney removed. With the police finding some of Alma's belongings on Tom's body, they believe she is sleeping rough while Alma is also approached to participate in a medical study by Hilary and taken to visit the doctor.

Snipe 3909

Mary Luckham is attempting to sell her mother's dilapidated cottage as she discusses the final arrangements for listing with the estate agent. She has also been receiving strange phone calls which friend Rachel asks her about, and which have been going on for some time. Another call has her hearing a voice sincing "Mary, Mary, quite contrary...". Mary is informed that a cash buyer is interested in viewing the property, before receiving another call advising her not to sell the house. As the calls become more frequent, Mary becomes more stressed at the situation as she continues to tidy and organise the house and belongings for sale. Receiving a visit from Rachel and Craig in the evening, the pair conclude that she is being badly affected by the phone calls as she believes the caller is watching her. Another call has him capture her line by refusing to hang up as he demands she talk to him. Calling the police again, an officer turns up at the door where he finally is able to get Mary alone.

The Snowman Killing

Twin brothers Colin and Alex discuss building a snowman as the weather turns bitterly cold and heavily snowy, though Alex is scared of them much to his brothers amusement. Back inside, Colin is talking with his mother Anne and claims to see a snowman in the garden though she fails to see it, accusing him of making up stories, as she becomes scared. Noticing that Alex is quiet and unable to be awakened, she finds him freezing cold after he has a dream of a snowman falling on top of himself. Her husband, Henry, fails to see the need to worry as Anne describes thinking he was dead when she was unable to wake her son as she suggests the move to their new house has been part of the problem. The situation continues a rift with Henry who instigated the move for work and financial purposes and continues to spend a large amount of time away. Colin meanwhile continues to suggest building a large snowman, while his questioning of whether he can play with the snowman has Anne even more worries since the snow has now melted. After another incident involving Alex being found in the shed, he suggests that the snowman is coming for his eyes.

Soul Searching

A hospital patient, Mr Timmins, is awaiting an operation though student doctor Tom fails to put him at ease as he goes on to describe the operation. Tom reveals that he is actually studying parapsychology and has an interest in the topic of death and the life that may exist after it. Fellow elderly patient Oswald is involved in an experiment being conducted by Tom who has agreed to help end his life as part of the studies, with Mr Timmins also being invited to oversee the proceedings. As the time for his operation draws closer, Mr Timmins begins to have nightmares as he also contemplates whether he wants to be involved in the death of Oswald. However, Tom's real identity as a porter comes to the fore as he begins his experiment as Mr Timmins finds himself in significant danger when he discovers that it will be himself who will be subjected to the experiment - with Tom obtaining help from Oswald who soon dies of natural causes - and allowing Tom to complete his experiment using his body. However, Tom has his own surprise when Mr Timmins becomes a willing volunteer in the experiment.

The Speciality of the House

Mr Costain is invited to visit a fine restaurant named Spiro's by his boss Mr Laffler who is keen to share the experience of the venue. The pair are served by waiter Marcus, though Laffler is disappointed by the special not being served that evening, while Costain finds that everyone is served the same meal each evening. Laffler goes on to reveal that the special is the most awaited dish by all those who frequent the place. Costain is invited back to the restaurant the following night, as conversation turns to Laffler's obsession with visiting the kitchen despite no one being permitted to see it by the chef. The speciality - Lamb Armistan - is again not on the menu for Costain's third visit as the mystery of the restaurant and its secrecy remains for Costain who soon comes to meet Spiro after two weeks as the special is served. Costain finds that the dish is fantastic though its serving opens up a world of mystery as to the ingredients, as waiter Marcus attempts to warn Costain and Laffler not to go into the kitchen when invited.

St Austin Friars

At a small church, Reverend Martin Williams and his wife Sheila arrive at their new parish which struggles to receive any visitors as the locals stay away. Receiving a call, Martin is informed that a man named Drogo has died with the funeral turning out to have been booked a month in advance. Narrowing the name down to William Henry Drogo, he finds that the man is still alive and sets about informing him of the phone call. Williams discovers that the Drogo's are well aware of the situation and want him at the funeral, which leads him to discover that there are no records of Drogo family members having ever been born. Together with Sheila, Martin concocts a plan to attend the funeral while friend Larry waits behind at the church to keep an eye on the crypt. However, Michael discovers too late he has fallen into a trap to guarantee his attendance at the service and later awakes not quite remembering what had happened though finding two sting-like wounds on his neck.


Mrs Feltham is desperate to keep her adult daughter Alison from leaving as she prepares to set off to another planet with new husband David, with the pair due to leave the following day. While on the spacecraft, there is an explosion which causes some damage to the vehicle resulting in them having to attempt to perform repairs as drift in space. However, an explosion results in their engineer being killed and the ship drifting off course, while the captain worries about having a woman aboard and her potential for hysterics. Alison meanwhile has concerns for her baby having found out she is pregnant. With four months worth of rationed resources available, the concern remains whether the shift can be found by a rescue party. Meanwhile, the captain sets about checking the rations and discovers that Bowman's body has been cannabalised as well as some rations having been taken. The situation leads to suspicion amongst the travellers as they devolve into mistrust and anger, while Alison hides a secret.


Tom is joined by his wife Janey looking at the sea on the remote location where they escape from the rest of society. Janey believes it is finally time after nine years of marriage for him to speak about the events from when he was six years old which he has never been able to forget - and which starts each time he tries to fall asleep. Tom struggles to reveal he was dared to climb into his father's workshop which he wasn't allowed in to, where his father made coffins. In the workshop, Tom discovered the body of a small girl believed to have died of meningitis and awaiting to be buried. While in the workshop, he believes he hears a noise from the coffin, which has Janey lock him in the cellar in an attempt to bring the truth out. Tom begins to talk about everything he experienced where he reveals the girl was locked in the coffin, though he ran off rather than save her. However, the situation leads him to discover who Janey really is.

Tissue Memory

Anna is recovering at the hospital after a heart transplant as she spots a young man out in the car park who her partner Paul is unable to see. She is also awoken after believing a man is peering over her while in bed, though by the time the nurse arrives he has gone, while the nurse suggests it was a bad dream. As Anna continues to recover, the pair make plans for their wedding, though she still continues to spot the man wondering whether she is hallucinating due to the drugs. Discussing the situation with her doctor, he goes on to describe "tissue memory" which is a phenomenon where a transplant patient may experience the memories of the original person. In her dreams, she encounters the man who is talking to a younger woman named "Jilly" and is able to experience her feelings, where she discovers more about her life including her life out in the country and her partner Mark has the belief that she is seeing someone else.

Vicious Fish

Uncle George turns up at the pub alongside Tony where their discussion turns to going out on a fishing trip at the weekend. It has been two years since the last sighting of a giant fish - a giant Conger - which George hopes to catch after previously failing. Back at home, Tony updates his mother on seeing George, who is immediately horrified at the thought of them going fishing at sea and taking son Danny with him, though she eventually convinces him to not take him. Out on the boat at night, George proves tetchy though is quite happy to talk about his last encounter with the Conger which he only failed to catch due to the line snapping. Tony tries to talk to George about the death of his brother Ted and him not being the same as he discovers it is exactly a year since he drowned. As a squall begins to surround the boat, Tony begins to worry though is unable to convince George to head back. As the storm immediatelt disappears, the Conger begin to appear around the boat demanding a human sacrifice as George turns weird.

William and Mary

Mary Pearl is a widow whose husband has recently died of cancer. She is left the estate, including a letter, which she reads and discovers that her husband William, an Oxford Don, had agreed to take part in an experiment once he has died in which his brain will be sustained artificially in an enclosure filled with liquid. William is initially against the idea, but is convinced when Doctor Landy who will be performing the work agrees to provide him with the ability to see by leaving an optic nerve intact. William attempts to convey what will happen to Mary though she refuses to give him the opportunity to speak about it, resulting in him writing the letter instead. The operation is completed successfully with William coming to accept his new restrictive life, as Mary sets about visiting him. Mary however sets about exacting revenge on her husband for his criticism and restriction he placed on her life, and demands her husband be brought home despite the doctors protestations, where she can ensure he is able to see everything he hates her doing.

The Yellow Wallpaper

A woman is feeling unwell, though her doctor husband John does not really believe she is ill. She remains confined to her room in their house out in the country and ponders whether she needs more stimulus despite John's objections. The woman feels strangely about the property and wonders why it was uninhabited for so long before they purchased it, while she believes the room in which she resides was previously a nursery with it featuring a hated yellow wallpaper and its horrid pattern which seems to changed as the light does. The wallpaper becomes the dominant thought in her head as she goes on to describe it having a smell as well as other peoples reactions to it, as new marks appear on it while outside the barred windows, the woman sees people creeping around while also believing she sees a woman in the wallpaper pattern. When John finally returns to the house after some time away, the woman creeps around the room believing she has become the woman trapped in the wallpaper.