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Series 1

1. An Appraisal

Peter's appraisal is coming up, and HR officer Sam broaches the topic of an incident regarding Peter verbally abusing a client over the telephone. With the call having been recorded for training purposes and the contents discovered by someone else in the company, things are looking bad for Peter, though Sam gets worried that he Peter is recording their current conversation which may pose problems for his own upcoming appraisal. As the company has a restructure upcoming, Peter and Sam use their long-time friendship to plot hiding the evidence of the phone call and explaining away the events.

2. An Away-Day

Peter and Sam are the only ones still awake at the team-building away-day in Shropshire. The pair also find they are on the same team in the following days event of rock climbing, which puts them against the vile Bob Allardyce, who the pair are convinced wants to fire them. Stuck together practising the rock climb at one o'clock in the morning, Sam finds that he knows little about Peter and questions whether his wife Janice and sons actually exist. Their pairs practice however results in Peter landing on Bob Allardyce who is preparing the rock climb for the following day which knocks him unconscious. Despite the events, the pair manage to make the situation worse.

3. A Commute

On the train, Peter and Sam encounter each other on their commute for the first time. Sam is apparently rushed off his feet, while Peter is also finding pressure due to not having any pressure, as the pair are heading to work at 11:30 while attempting to avoid discussing Bob Allardyce. The pair also have to call Nigel, a new boss, about their futures with both wondering what it may hold. Sam comes out as gay when asked about his wife before calling Nigel on the phone where they discover that he is on the train rather than at a conference in Leeds where he has said he would be, and intends to fire Peter. When Peter takes revenge, the pair find both of their futures all but sealed.

4. A Role Play

In Sam's office, Peter enquires about what he is wanted for. With news of the cat having died and his wife Janice leaving him since they last spoke, Peter reveals that his week may be about to get worse due to restructuring of the company going on and redundancies planned. The pair are being asked to apply for their own jobs, with Peter up against seventy-five other people, while Sam facing the prospect of being told hasn't ever really been needed. The pair take to attempting to role play an interview situation with the board, as Sam attempts to play the role of each management member, while Peter struggles his way through navigating the difficult questions.

5. A Leaving Party

Sam and Peter encounter each other in the toilet on the way up to the twelfth floor for a leaving party - their own. Sam reveals that he is leaving after the restructuring the previous year, and was actually made redundant nine months previous but somehow slipped through the crack. Peter meanwhile has also been made redundant after his interview went terribly though finds himself with a worse deal that Sam has managed. Heading into the lift, the pair discuss their current situation while contending with the lift which doesn't seem to want to take them to the correct floor before it promptly gets stuck which Peter makes worse.

6. A Bus Pass

Sam has a chance encounter with Peter for the first time since he took him in after the break up of his marriage. With Peter having taken to a nomadic lifestyle of moving around, the pair are picking up their bus passes which Sam is less than keen on advertising he is over sixty. Peter is contemplating writing a novel, while Sam is thinking about taking up piloting gliders as they get into the swing of their retirement. The pair end up talking with an elderly gentleman who struggles to converse, and while Sam is kind and understanding, Peter struggles to contain his annoyance at being unable to understand the elderly man.

Series 2

1. Gassing

Peter begins his move-in with Sam on the promise he will only stay for a short period. Battling retirement pessimism, Sam takes a part-time job with Saviours where he will be manning the telephones lines to calls from those in distress, though takes to trying out his technique on Peter. Peter however proves a difficult nut to crack when it comes to his feelings, which come to the front when he has to stay in all day waiting for the gas man to repair the boiler. However, in his new role, Peter has to deal with the phone calls from Sam who seems to be struggling with the boiler threatening to go explosive.

2. Dogging

Peter starts the day by arguing with the bin men before promptly flashing one of the neighbours as he begins to fit-in to life living in the suburbs. Despite this, Sam decides to offer Peter a permanent place to live in the hope that he will realise his potential. Sam also introduces a rescue dog to the household which he promptly gifts to Peter, much to his surprise and irritation. Sam sets about trying to get Peter to bond with the dog, and finds out how much he is missing the world of work as he reaches the "autumn of his life". The pair however soon end up slinging dog muck at a fellow dog walker.

3. Wandering

Sam and Peter set about taking a package holiday in Andalusia, Spain, with Sam hoping it will give Peter to some purpose in his retirement, while he also has his eyes on the guide Miguel. Taking a trip to the mountains, the pair find themselves lagging behind the rest of the tour group who they quickly lose. The situation leaves Peter screaming for help until they eventually catch up with Miguel who returns looking for them. Sam plots propositioning Miguel at Peter's prompting, though the plan goes awry when a drunk Miguel turns up at their room looking for fellow guest Gwenda.

4. Surfing

The pair have taken to "surfing the web", though Peter quickly finds pornography and tries internet dating while Sam decides to go the knowledgable route and begins to research his family tree. Peter's attempts to internet date result in him lying on his profile video which leaves Sam concerned that he may be meeting up with a psychopath when he finally finds a date. While Peter heads to the toilet, a woman walks in and sits next to Sam, who turns up to be Janice; Peter's ex-wife. Eventually coming out of hiding in the bathroom, Peter arrives to face his past.

5. Remodelling

Sam sets about remodelling the house and attempts to get Peter involved in whether the fabric goes with the curtains amongst other things, who in turn puts it down to his gayness. Sam comes clean that he is doing the house up in preparation for selling the property. Peter is disappointed by the news and the effect it will have on their friendship, and turns up at a meeting with Sam's design consultant. As Nigel is convinced that Sam is gay, the discussion comes to a head with Peter revealing his feelings on the house sale. Irritated at the situation, Sam sets about doing the design and work himself.

6. Consulting

Feeling depressed, Sam feels he will never do anything meaningful with his life again. Peter suggests a change in their lives, and finds a job advert for a suspicious company offering consulting services. Attending a meetup at a fancy restaurant, Sam becomes suspicious when they are the only two to attend. The meal turns out to be enjoyable, though rather expensive at £600. They also discover their rather odd waiter turns out to be working for the consulting company, with both managing to get the job. However, attending an empty office, Sam finds out all about the company and Peter's devious plans.

Series 3

1. Naked

Peter is nervous about going swimming, while Sam ia little too free with the body for Peter's liking. Peter gets grilled about his opposition to nudity and work from another man who has recently retired from the pension industry. Under pressure, Peter soon gets into the nude while the pension situation with the man who refuses to give up what he knows also has Sam alarmed, though they are quickly distracted when they discover he has taken Peter's bag containing his clothes. When Peter's trousers also get ripped, the pair find themselves looking for a way to find clothes.

2. Disabled

With the pension situation looking hopeless, Peter is expecting a visit from a doctor who he is hoping to provide a negative diagnosis for himself after applying for disability living allowance. Sam however frowns upon the idea and accuses him of stealing from the poor, though Peter has worked it all out by putting Sam down as his carer. Peter however is convinced by his course of action considering the pair of them are out of money and still two years from receiving the state pension, Dr. Gordon Peel arrives to conduct the assessment and quickly spots a ruse.

3. Married

Peter takes to hiding from Sam who realises that they know each other too well, despite Peter's disagreement. The pair contemplate taking on a lodger with Sam having already put an advert out there, though Peter has various views on who will be allowed. Setting about conducting interviews, Peter's room looks to be under threat though Peter is keen on making a move on the woman, Lupin, who is favourite for joining them. However, she quickly finds that Sam and Peter are meant for each other and refuses to take up the room for fear of upsetting their balance.

4. Disinherited

Sam is feeling like he is in his late-eighties, while Peter hopes to hear his ideas for making money. Discussion leads to visiting Sam's rich elderly aunty Nora while Peter tries to encourage him to speed up her oncoming death. Setting about doing some work in the garden, they also meet her carer Maude. It isn't long until the topic of the will comes up, with her suggesting that her will is to be changed yet again. Heading out into the garden, Peter digs up and massacres Nora's beloved Lobelia which threatens the chances of Sam inheriting her estate and fortunes, while Sam admits he is terrified of his aunt resulting in Peter providing his opinion on her to her face.

5. Robbed

Sam revealed he is is awaiting a surveyor arriving in the hope of obtaining a loan to tide them over until they can find work. Mr Loomis turns up and is quick to criticise the property while Peter is quick with the retorts, as Sam hopes to get out to the new cheap supermarket while on their restricted budget where Peter takes to stealing posh bread. Back at home, Peter ends up in an argument about the bread with Loomis while Sam sees his chance of a good price valuation on the house disappear. Loomis attempts to take the loaf back to the supermarket where he ends up in an argument with the manager before being arrested.

6. Gambled

The struggle to find work continues with Sam feeling depressed at not having been able to get them out of the situation. Peter meanwhile has taken to learning the clarinet, as Sam decides on playing the lottery. As the lottery results come out, Sam is convinced he has won the jackpot though struggles to find the ticket and has difficulty recalling the numbers he picked. Eventually Peter comes clean that he may have thrown the ticket in the rubbish just as the bin men arrive to take away the waste. The pair end up in an argument with a council worker over their bag before chasing paper down the street.

Series 4

1. Money

Sam is hoping for some privacy at home and wants Peter out of the way in time for a man to arrive. The situation strains as Peter continues to struggle financially while Sam has potentially become wealthy through his lottery winnings and is expecting a visit from a lottery advisor, and has to deal with Peter sob stories and claims of medical symptoms which have developed. The man from the lottery turns up and has to put up with Peter trying to drag the amount out of him. When this fails to work, Peter attempts a new tactic in the hope of discovering how much he has won by collapsing on the floor in pain, however Sam has his reasons for not wanting to make the amount he has won public.

2. After Gherkin

Sam is concerned that Gherkin is unwell and sets about taking him to a vet where the dog ends up passing away, leaving Sam upset and Peter indifferent. Out in the waiting room, Peter ends up in a confrontation with a man waiting with his lizard - also named Peter - resulting in Peter setting about buying it rather than see the man letting him loose on the common. Back at home, the pair reminisce about Gherkin and decide on giving him a good send off. With Peter starting to feel depressed at his own situation, he returns home to the lizard he has now named Gustav, who also promptly dies.

3. Goodbye Uncle Norman

The chauffeur Gordon arrives to take Sam and Peter to Sam's Uncle Norman's funeral. Sam is hopeful that Peter won't mention anything about the lottery win while attempting to write a speech about a man he barely knew. Peter meanwhile ponders the possibility of a cousin having discovered the news of the lottery win, particularly when he remarks on their arrival by chauffeur. Sam's speech goes especially badly and he ends up waffling onto the subject of the lottery and money leaves the audience angry and in tears. Cousin Boffo takes to analysing Sam's remarks on the lottery while the chauffeur claims to have overheard a discussion about the funeral being a sham.

4. Musical

Sam is expecting a visit from a man from the bank to discuss investment ideas. He also has his eyes on him though believes he may already be in a relationship while being uncertain he is even gay. Peter meanwhile sets about finding out much money Sam actually won by contacting his bank and using his eavesdropped security question answers. Micahel from the bank arrives with his investment idea - a musical performance - hoping to raise some seed money and invites both Sam and Peter to a rehearsal. Peter meanwhile becoms suspicious of the motivations of Michael and ponders whether the musical idea is simply a scam.

5. Lamb of my Father

Enjoying a meal made by Sam, Peter is most complimentary and comes up with the idea of the pair opening a restaurant. Named 'Lamb of my Father', the menu features only Welsh food cooked in traditional ways though before they have even opened Sam is having doubts particularly as Peter has created a Welsh persona for him. They also take on a waitress, Myfanwy, who fakes her Welsh origins while their opening day has a visit from a restaurant critic who quickly gets to challenging Peter about his background. Worried about the impact of a bad review of the man who they discover also isn't Welsh, Sam sets about trying to get him to eat his steak and kidney pie.

6. The Return of Martina Guerre

After the restaurant managed to stay open for four weeks, the Sam and Peter find themselves at a loose end. A woman turns up at the door and reveals herself to be Peter's ex-wife Kate, after having a significant change in appearance since Sam last saw her. Despite this, Peter is less than enthused at the idea of seeing her and takes to hiding under his bed. Eventually managing to gain her way into the house, Peter and Kate begin to get along. Sam meanwhile ponders the opportunity of them all being a family as he suggests, much to Peter's protestations, that she move in with them.

Series 5

1. Love Precisely

Sam reveals that he thinks he is falling in love with Kate after living with her for just a short time, as he begins to have doubts about being gay. A confused Peter offers his support and sets about giving advice during their meal which has her quickly contemplating that she is intruding. The situation has her running to her bedroom crying in self-doubt and Peter's advice to Sam is to take Kate to see a romantic comedy film named Love Precisely. Kate insists on Peter joining them with Sam happy for the guidance on how to be a romantic. Kate however comes to realise her feelings still lie with Peter.

2. Mad About Gorillas

The trio are heading to the zoo, but have to wait for Peter to finish in the bathroom. Eventually emerging, Sam and Peter head to the supermarket where Peter is keen to hear on the latest events with Kate where he quickly works out that she is interested in someone else. Setting about finding out who it is, the situation while at the zoo has Kate questioning what is wrong with Peter and his mood. Peter meanwhile sets about engaging with a gorilla which is actually a man named Kevin in a suit, though his attempt to communicate with him again some time later has him being chased and his lies found out as Kate reveals her feelings.

3. Jesus O'Rahilly

Sam is looking forward to going afro-cuban salsa dancing with Kate, though Peter is less thrilled about the idea now more concerned about his ex-wife's attempts to persue him. Coming to the conclusion she has to move out, Peter attempts to persuade Sam to speak with her. Class instructor Jesus quickly gets upset at Peter's enthusiastic dancing, while Sam ends up dancing with Jesus who makes his feelings perfectly clear. Peter and Kate also succumb to the passions of dancing which leads Peter to another confrontation with Jesus while Sam eventually discovers a kinship with Jesus who admits to his love life being less glamorous than he initially made out.

4. Everybody's Doing It

The morning begins with Sam plotting out every move Peter makes as he wakes, including his sexual relationship with Kate, which leads to Peter questioning him about his irritable mood. Feeling depressed at his situation and failed attempt at finding love online, the gas meter reader arrives. Avoiding Peter's pressing questions, Sam invites him in despite Peter's protests that he might not be a meter reader. Learning his name is Ed, the pair begin to bond over his previous work as a documentary maker which leads to them agreeing to venture out for a night at the cinema, and leaves Peter somewhat worried.

5. Peter and Sam and Ed and Kate

Ed has moved in with Peter, Sam, and Kate, with Peter still maintaining that he is untrustworthy and convinced that Sam has changed since his relationship started. He takes to impersonating Sam when receiving dating phone calls after signing him up for a website. When he is caught on the phone by Kate, she takes to questioning whether Peter has a problem with Sam finally having some fun, while Ed soon cottons on to the situation when he receives a call from "Wolfram". Kate also has her doubts about Ed and worries that they don't know enough about him as well as whether he might mess Sam around as Peter takes to accusing her of concealing her true feelings.

6. Till Death Do Us Part

As Sam and Ed prepare to get married, Peter is best man and also preparing himself for not being the most important man in Sam's life. He is contemplating things after Kate has left having found her own flat and now attending relationship counselling sessions. Ed takes to attending therapy sessions, which he intends on keeping secret, with the same doctor, who has a strange obsession with sending faeces. Meanwhile, Sam also heads to visit a therapist - Mary - who he has an uncomfortable discussion about sex with. Outside the room, Sam bumps into Peter and quickly realises that Ed is hiding under a pile of coats shortly before Kate ends her sessions with Dr Schnitzel resulting in both relationships breaking down.