Lobby Land

Pass the Source (Pilot)

Young political editor Sam Peakes, working for Hot Takes, has to navigate her way through a baying crowd to get into Westminster Palace, as parliament returns from a summer recess. She also has to contend with looking after intern Lawrence, and is under pressure to get a scoop immediately under the threat of being fired. Struggling to get anything out of a Labour backbencher who spends a large amount of time coming on to her. Hearing from him again in the evening with a potential bombshell story, he promptly passes away before revealing any information. Still continuing the lead which revolves around a secret recording, Sam starts to talk to other MPs to see what they know. Getting desperate, she eventually gets to hear a potential story, but is unable to get a copy of a recording. However, the following morning, she finds someone else has managed to get the scoop. However, a recycling story is given in by Lawrence on her behalf.

Series 1

1. Frozen Out

Sam has a dream of being on the Andrew Marr Show, but ends up appearing naked, before waking up in the office realising it was another stress dream. Being called into Dom's room, they quickly find that all the computers are not working at a number of newspapers, as pressure begins to build on finding the next big story. With Westminster back from recess, Mia challenges Sam to a story-breaking contest with Lawrence being designated judge. Setting about talking to MP Tom Shriver, a Brexit vote is upcoming, where she is forwarded a Whatsapp message and given a clue to speak with another MP Janet Munson, who proves to be a useless Brexit supporter. However, Labour MP Mel Munson proves much more useful with information about a chat group which she has been added to by mistake. Mia meanwhile has an interview with a hacker who is helping get the newspaper back up-and-running though is upset at a review disparaging an Avengers movie.

2. Poker Face

Mia accuses Sam of being a masochist and sadist for spending all night watching Question Time as she finishes up a piece on Westminster bullying by Lord Ellis. She also has a Sky News guest spot booked for the following day, though problems mount when she receives a call from the Liberal Democrat Press Officer Toby McDonald who accuses her of making things up in the bullying article. Realising that the sub-editor Ben has twisted her words, Sam sets about getting it taken down. Meeting with Toby back at Westminster, Sam manages to placate him with the prompt take-down, though Twitter has managed to get a screenshot of the article and news is spreading fast. A meeting with Lord Ellis is arranged during which Sam does a deal to present a show for the website covering the Westminster Poker Tournament with Ellis reaching the final.

3. Plane Sailing

In India, Sam, Mia and Lawrence are in a bedsit awaiting their flight home after working at a summit. Sam is looking forward to an interview arranged with the schools minister for the flight home. However, when he appears on television just boarding the aircraft, she discovers that she has missed the flight, and the chance of the interview. Receiving a phone call from Dom who is pressuring her on the story, she has to find another one. Managing to get another flight, Sam discovers that a famous Indian is onboard and sets about interviewing him, though takes the tack of being a sports journalist which doesn't go well. Returning to her seat, she resorts to browsing through the in-flight magazine to find a scoop. However, at Lawrence's prompting, she manages to get a photograph of his laptop screen while he heads to the toilet, and finds that he is writing political erotica under an assumed name.

4. Summer in the City

Talking with Tom Shriver, Sam takes to questioning him about the Brexit situation for the College Green Podcast. Tom in return questions her about the popularity of podcasts and the Internet. Mia meanwhile is looking for a story to fill the void usually filled by Glastonbury, as Sam has managed to skewer a minister when he is suspended after an article by Sam. She eventually gets the chance to attend Alternative Ways, an eco-festival, with Lawrence, where she will be participating in a debate. At the festival, she discover Tom is in attendance, in disguise, having become intrigued by some of the ideas being talked about. After finishing up at the festival, with a successful debate, she finds she has made a large number of fans. However, when they see her stood by her car, she resorts to having to smash it up to save her image. Things get worse when she discovers her podcast ratings have proved a failure, though Lawrence ends up saving the day.

Series 2

1. Vis-à-Vis

Tom Shriver has left the Conservative party to stand as an independent. Sam is hosting a podcast interview in which Tom is confronted with the Brexit situation by journalist Milton Davis for Tittle Tattle, a growing news website. At the end of the interview, Tom laments the political situation with no other legislation to work on, and general boredom. Back at the office, Mia is still excited from having returned from Ibiza, while new co-worker Nathan compliments her ability to write "bollocks". The crew also find Dom has left for Tittle Tattle, while new boss Gideon, reveals that everyone else has been cost-cut. Not happy at being sent out to cover a story involving John Major and cricket, Sam decides to do nothing instead, and misses the chance of a story which is promptly scooped up by Milton Davis. However, the events surrounding John Major being swept up in a pro-Brexit demonstration has Sam questioning Milton's involvement.

2. Risky Business

Britain is melting in a heat wave, which leaves Sam struggling, while things get worse with Boris Johnson becoming Prime Minister. With a lack of stories leaving Sam feeling down, she holes up in her flat. Mia and Sam arrive for film night, though the plan is interrupted when Sam overhears and records a conversation coming from a neighbouring apartment owned by an MP Alec Stanley and senses a story. Sam manages to record a conversation and decides to double-or-nothing a bet with Tom Shriver after previously losing out. As Mia desperately wants to watch Titanic, Sam finds out that her recording was of him playing Risk rather than plotting world domination, which leaves her in a large amount of bother. Taking to begging Alec for mercy, Sam suffers revenge when a video of her dancing is posted online, though the situation results in Sam losing her bet.

3. Brecon Bad

Heading out to cover the Brecon by-election fallout, Sam, Nathan and Mia head to Wales. Mia will also be suffering through her worst birthday ever as she has to visit her grandfather who she shares a birthday with. She also fears her grandfather will discover her lie of being a political journalist herself, as he happens to be a political fan. Sam sets about having Tom Shriver meet them in Brecon to head for tea with Mia and her grandfather, though he has a plan to get out of it if necessary via his antiquated Nokia phone. However, the meeting proves painful for Tom when Mia's grandfather proves to be a Brexit supporter. Things are also going badly for Sam and Nathan who struggle to canvas opinion on the result of the election. Mia's grandfather also decides to come clean about knowing her true career isn't that of a political journalist, while Sam decides to get a "vox pop" from a taxi driver without his knowledge who they discover is a conspiracy theorist.

4. Sideways Moves

Tom is feeling jealous while at the book launch of fellow MP Ruth Bradfield, while also irritated at the current state of Brexit negotiations and Boris Johnson's incompetence. Set on having his own autobiography, He approaches Sam to ghost write his which leaves Mia enjoying "box set Friday" on her own. Back at the office, Mia and Nathan takes to playing Guess Who while Gideon wonders if there is something going on between Sam and Tom given how much time they spend together which leaves Mia disgusted at the thought. Heading around to Tom's, Sam discovers that Jack Straw and Geoff Hoon are working as his butler and cheff. Mia and Nathan take to turning up, much to Sam's surprise, and the three rummage through his archives for material. Mia however ends up getting attached by Captain Crabstick, a novelty costume, which Tom dressed up in for one election while a student and became something of a cult hero.

5. Cometh the Power

At a journalism awards ceremony, Nathan is feeling particularly excited to be attending as opposed to Sam who is sufficiently underwhelmed though has made enough effort to buy a new dress. Mia is also on the way and turns up in the same dress, while being excited herself with the expectation of winning an award. The pair also encounter Marcus, Sam's ex-boyfriend and ex-colleague, who now works for Russian Eye and suggests that Sam could join the company as well though gives her just one day to make her mind up. Mia wins the award in her category while Gideon suggests she will be getting a promotion while Marcus' successful haul of awards has Sam contemplating whether to go through with joining him at Russian Eye. Tom however sets Sam onto a story when he realises that all the award winners turn out to be owned by Russians. Sam also wins the award in her category, though her attempts to reveal the corruption is interrupted by a power cut.