Nightfall (Season 1)

This page lists the episode summaries of the Nightfall series which aired in the early 1980's on CBC Radio. In total, one hundred episodes were created.

Show below are episodes from season one, with episodes in season 2 and season 3 detailed on separate pages.

A follow-up series named Vanishing Point was broadcast in the mid-1980's.

Love and the Lonely One

Two medical students, Fred and George, steal the body of an elderly lady from the anatomy lab of their school to perform a joke. However, the prank causes a girl from another dimension to come to life where she begins to interfere in Fred's life, before he succumbs and joins her in death.

The Monkey's Paw

Mr and Mrs White, and their adult son are introduced to a mummified monkey's paw which grants them three wishes. Each wish is granted, however these always occur via hellish and unintended consequences.

Welcome to Homerville

A lonely trucker, RC, is heading towards Homerville. Fellow drivers and others along the way are horrified to learn of his destination and beg for him to avoid Homerville at all costs, however as he continues to drive, the destination gets further away.

Hands Off

A scientist experimenting with hostility in animals accidentally spills a chemical on his hand which causes animosity toward him. He resorts to killing his assistant and the lab security guard, before being chased into by guard dogs. Sensing no escape, he chops off his hand before suffocating.

The Telltale Heart

A drifter goes to work on a farm for an old man, and becomes obsessed with the man's “evil eye”, resorting to eventually killing him and stashing his body beneath the floor. When the police come to check on the farm, his guilt begins to increase and the sound of a heartbeat takes over.

Late Special

A car crash in bad weather leads to a couple becoming injured, with the man unable to move and the woman unable to see. Despite this, the woman heads out to seek help and finds an abandoned railway station where a strange man offers a deal in exchange for fixing her eyesight.

Future Fear

A middle-aged couple find their television set is receiving a strange broadcast showing them the future. When they see visions of their sons involvement in a fascist regime, they debate whether to take action in the present and kill him.

How Did You Get My Name?

A man is released from a mental hospital and stays with an old friend. He immediately begins to receive phone calls and mail to the address and goes on to discover his own life and that of his friends is not what he thought it was.

The Body Snatchers

Fettes comes across eminent doctor Macfarlane with whom he attended medical school, and recalls their work in taking bodies for dissection and paying the shifty men who deliver the corpses.

The Willoughby Obsession

Charles Willoughby, a lawyer for powerful underworld people dies of a heart attack shortly after his wife is electrocuted in the bath tub. Paul, a reporter is convinced supernatural powers are at play due to a number of oddities with the case.

No Admittance/No Exit

In a garage, a female employee badly injures her hand which results in the owner and a customer rushing her to hospital. Arriving at a futuristic clinic, the group find a torturous procedure to navigate in their attempts to get help.

Wind Chill

After becoming stuck in a snow drift while searching for her friends cottage, Sue meets Barry who offers her shelter. Arriving at the cabin, events take a turn for the stranger when Sue begins to hear voice-like noises and Barry tells her the story of his younger brother who drowned.

The Repossession

Robert, a surviving conjoined twin, begins having nightmares about the death of his brother Douglas thirty years ago. He begins to feel that his twin brother is somehow responsible for oddities occurring in his life. Finally encountering Douglas, he finds his brother has set out to destroy him.

The Stone Ship

The Alfred Jessop enters the the tropics having left London, and encounters a ghostly graveyard of ships. The crew come across a ship made of solid stone where they also find the ghosts of the tough old captain and crew.

Special Services

A couple rush to see their aunt after being informed she is dying. They are involved in a car crash on the way after encountering four ambulances. In the hospital, the situation becomes weirder when a staff member mentions special services they offer relating to organs for important people.

Buried Alive

The Great Santini, a hypnotist, has a plan to defraud his insurance company of half a million dollars by faking his own death and allowing himself to be buried alive. However, his assistants who are supposed to dig him up have other ideas.

Last Visit

The Lundens are on their way to visit their daughter, but are forced by a terrible fog in Newfoundland to stop at the Eternity Cove Hotel and Lounge. However, Eternity Cove is a place populated by seemingly one man and the fog plays tricks on those who visit.

Ringing the Changes

Gerald and Phrynne Halstead arrive in Holyhaven where they stay in the Bell Hotel. However, everyone in the small town believes they have arrived at the wrong time – October 31st – and the town has a secret it is desperate to keep.

The Devil's Backbone

In the sea close to Halifax, Nova Scotia in the area known as the Devil's Backbone, two divers try to find a sunken treasure. They experience problems with one finding claw marks on his diving suit upon returning to the surface, and hear of a curse which inhabits the area.

The Blood Countess, Part 1: Blood Red

Based on the historic story of Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed, the Blood Countess of Hungary. The story begins with the death soon after of her husband Count Ferencz Báthory, which is the impetus for his wife's heinous crimes.

The Blood Countess, Part 2: Blood Blue

The countess attempts to summon her husbands return from death, as a number of the people in the village work out that she is behind the murders of peasant girls in the village for their blood. She is subsequently sentenced to a fitting punishment.

Deadly Developments

Professional photographer André Phillipe and his assistant Steve prepare for a photo shoot for an upcoming horror novel. They have acquired a Von Hensdorf – a rare camera from pre-war Germany – which has an unusual outcome when used.

Where Does the News Come From?

Foreign news correspondent David Winston returns from Rome and is offered a news anchor position, replacing a friend who walks from the job and into a padded cell. Winston soon finds a range of conspiracy-laden tales from long-time friend Stella.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Neville Edwards is involved in a car accident though still very much alive. However, the gathering crowd around him see him as dead. Neville recalls his days events, awaits aid to ‘save' him from his increasing panic. It is only once in the morgue that he begins to realise what is happening.

On Christmas Day in the Morning

A local mail carrier is killed by a hit-and-run driver on Christmas morning. The mayor's son and his girlfriend are thought responsible for the incident, however the police must prove their case by working out how the mail carrier made his final delivery to a reclusive old lady, after he was killed.

The Appetite of Mr. Lucraft

Down on his luck, Mr. Lucraft is an actor who is on the point of starvation. A man named Ebeneezer Grumbelow offers him a feast which he accepts, before also offering to buy his Lucraft's appetite. However, on agreeing to the deal, Lucraft begins to experience the terms of the arrangement.

The Guest of Honor

Elderly Lady Flora Neville, renowned for hosting elaborate balls, has become bored of the same guests. She longs to invite a guest who would rouse her, and decides on Death himself. However, upon agreeing to attend the party, Death is not what anyone expected.

A Short Wave Goodbye

Middle-aged bookkeeper Harvey Beasley has an argument with his wife Harriet, during which his prized shortwave radio is damaged. However, the damage has the impact of allowing them to hear broadcasts from the near future.

They Bite

Hugh Blair, a former Vietnam war hero has an interest in palaeontology, and finds a collection of bones in the Nevada desert. The bones turn out to be a Stegosaur, however something else lurks in the desert that haunts Blair.

Dark Side of the Mind

During a wave of child-murders which terrorise a city, dentist Jeff Robbins and his wife Myrna encounter old friend Carl and invite him over for a visit. However, when Jeff is called away, he discovers startling news about Carl.


A man, Julian, gets off at the wrong train station and has to spend the night at the Blue Trout Inn, an old rundown hotel run by two sisters who live in fear of the local wildcats. After many years alone, the pair plot to keep Julian there to make up for the emptiness in their lives.

The Room

A widow offers a large sum to anyone who is willing to spend a night in the Yellow Room - a room in which her husband died many years prior. She advises that a number of men have previously attempted the feat but they either go mad or die of fright, though sceptical young Ronald Todd decides to try.

Angel's Kiss

Chuck is a homophobic, womanising salesman who trawls the disco scene for women. He picks up Delores from the club who leaves quickly the following morning after "getting what she wants" despite Chuck's begging to stay. Chuck starts to fall apart chasing Delores, and comes across her trail of destruction.

The Book of Hell

Two editors and a president of a failing publishing company receive a strange manuscript from a reclusive author... who happens to have been dead for two years. The book tells of a first-hand account of a soul's experience while in Hell. However, the book can not be printed, photocopied or recorded in any way.


In 1943, Dr. Ray Park arrives in Ethiopia to help naturalist Charles Woodley. Woodley believes he is dying due to a curse placed on him by Mkara, the brother of a witch doctor, after he kills an elephant worshipped by the regions tribes. Ray offers to take the curse upon himself.

The Fatal Eggs

An ageing zoologist accidentally discovers that he has produced an amphibian that can breed rapidly and grows to an abnormally large size. Confirming the experiment, he soon comes to the attention of the Soviet secret service, who plan on using the animals to their advantage.

Breaking Point

A storm results in a circus cancelling a show. Star performer Tania, ends up in a fight with her boss and lover Ernie, when he believes she is seeing someone else, and eventually firing her. However, Ernie has an unexpected visitor in his office which results in his death.


A worker at a laundromat, Cheryl, encounters evidence of murders committed by a killer who washes then dries the victims. Finding blood on a customers clothes, she takes to speaking with Officer Charlie Burns who visits the laundromat, and takes on the investigation.

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