Punt PI

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Series 1

1. The False Legs

Punt looks into the case of a couple who found four-hundred false legs hidden beneath the floorboards of their home in 2008. While having some plumbing work done, the floorboards were lifted and the legs discovered.

2. Strategic Steam Reserve

A look into the so-called Strategic Steam Reserve which is reportedly a collection of steam trains kept aside for emergencies. Several countries allegedly kept them aside during the Cold War, though Punt has to investigate with little hard evidence as to them still existing.

3. Dark Peak Plane Crashes

Steve analyses the evidence of several plane crashes in the Peak District, with around fifty crashes over thirty years being recorded. Of particular note is a high number of crashes which occurred during the 1940’s.

Series Two

1. Hitler’s Balham Headquarters

Punt looks into the rumours about Hitler wanting to establish Nazi headquarters in the London suburb of Balham, possibly at Du Cane Court. The building is now an apartment block and it was spared bombing with rumours that it was rife with German spies awaiting Hitler’s arrival.

2. Television Licence Detector Vans

Steve looks into whether television licence detector vans actually existed. Speaking with scientists about the merits of the technology, and travelling across the country to find one, Punt has to conduct an experiment to see whether it was ever feasible.

3. The Real Manchurian Candidate

Punt takes a look at whether there is any psychological and technological basis for mind control as seen in the Manchurian Candidate. Resolving to speak with witnesses, he has to look into military and government intelligence.

Series Three

1. Argleton

In 2008, it was discovered that a settlement named Argleton near Ormskirk had appeared on Google Maps. Punt travels to the area to find empty fields, and begins a quest to track down the purpose of the name.

2. Nazi UFO’s

Steve Punt investigates the conspiracy theory of the Nazi’s developing UFO’s. Assessing sighting records and old CIA and newspaper records, Punt heads to Poland to talk with a contact there who discusses the Nazi research carried out.

3. The Curious Case of the Wax Cylinder

Punt investigates a recording of Queen Victoria’s voice made on a wax cylinder in the 1800’s. Looking into strong rooms, and corresponding with the royal estate, the investigation tackles the question of whether the recording is genuine and the message contents within.

4. The Crying Boy

Mass produced in Italy, the crying boy is a print of a painting and has been found to have survived numerous house fires. Punt takes a look at whether there is a curse and if there is any truth to the urban legend.

Series Four

1. Hubert Chevis

The murder of Hubert Chevis in 1931 is the focus; an army lieutenant who died of eating poisoned partridge laced with strychnine. The murder was never solved so Steve goes on the search of a relative who may have important information at hand.

2. Harry Grindell Matthews Death Ray

On the trail of a supposed Death Ray machine developed by British inventor Harry Grindell Matthews. Punt looks into the theory that the machine was able to bring down enemy aircraft, which attracted headlines and controversy around the world.

3. David Lloyd George

David Lloyd George was the subject of a biopic, the first of any living prime minister recorded just after the first world war. However, the film never saw the light of day as lawyers paid a large sum of money to have the release cancelled – to this day no one knows why.

4. The Battle of Watling Street

Punt searches for the true sit of the Watling Street massacre which was orchestrated by the occupying Roman army. Heading up the A5 as it is now known, he visits a number of sites to view the evidence.

Series Five

1. A Very Strange Stash

Punt looks into the case of Kris Ruddjers who died with a large stash of arms later being discovered in storage along with surveillance equipment and bomb making materials. The case deepens however as Kris Ruddjers is an alias name.

2. The Woman in Black

Investigating events after the 1928 Charfield Rail Crash in which a woman appeared every year for twenty-five years to lay flowers at the site. Arriving in a black chauffeur driven car, her identity was never discovered though speculation exists that she was related to two young unknown victims.

3. The Lost Colonists

On the trail of the Lost Colonists, also known as the Roanoke Colony who apparently went missing. During a recovery mission in 1587 to recover a number of people left behind  the previous year, they found only one skeleton.

Series Six

1. The Case of the Vanishing Machine Gun Maker

William Cantelo, a gun maker in Southampton invented a rapid fire gun. Upon completion of the project, he took a holiday, left with his gun, and was never seen again. His two sons later discovered an article of inventor Hirum Maxim who had invented a similar gun, and was a spitting image of Cantelo.

2. The Hollinwell Incident

The Hollinwell Incident centres around three hundred children in 1980 suffering a number of symptoms such as nausea and fainting. It has been theorised that mass hysteria or the nearby spreading of pesticides was the cause.

3. Pitchfork Murder – Lower Quinton

Steve takes the case of the murder of Charles Walton; an elderly farmworker. On the trail of a number of suspects including another farmer, a Nazi, and an Italian prisoner of war, the case could never be resolved and no motive could be determined.

Series Seven

1. The Mysterious Death of Flying Millionaire Alfred Loewenstein

Steve looks into the case of Alfred Loewenstein who in 1928 who fell out of his own aircraft. In one of the most baffling cases, questions are asked as to whether it was an accident, suicide or murder.

2. The Baker Street Bank Robbery

The private investigator looks into the case of the Baker Street Bank Robbery which occurred in 1971. Four men were convicted of tunnelling into the bank, but suggestions persist that the robbery was mounted by security services to obtain compromising photographs of a prominent public figure.

3. Victor Grayson

On the case of missing MP Victor Grayson who disappeared in 1920 in London. A number of theories exist as to him being murdered to prevent him revealing corruption, however there are also suggestions he was bisexual. Another theory is posited that he lived under a pseudonym into the 1950’s.

4. Who put Bella in the Wych Elm?

Centred around the discovery of a murdered girl in Hagley in 1943, and subsequent graffiti positing the question ‘Who put Bella in the Wych Elm?’ which was left the following year, Punt investigates who the theories of who the girl was and her background.

Series Eight

1. The Murder of Hollywood Director William Desmond Taylor

William Desmond Taylor is the subject of this case. After being shot in 1922, the Hollywood director’s murder was never solved though a number of suspects were identified. The directors past also plays an intriguing part.

2. The Case of the Missing Cezanne

Punt looks into the case of the missing artwork ‘Auvers Sur Oise’ which was stolen from Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. The search takes Steve via Scotland Yard and a pub wall in Coventry.

3. The Great Mull Air Mystery

Steve looks into an air crash on the Isle of Mull which crashed on Christmas Eve in 1975. The pilot Peter Gibbs finished a meal with his girlfriend at a local hotel before taking off in the plane. His body was found on the side of a hill, but the plane was never found.

Series Nine

1. The Suspicious Death of Emile Zola

Checking in with the death of writer Emile Zola in Paris who died in 1902 from carbon monoxide caused by a blocked chimney. The initial cause was ruled accidental but further evidence has emerged that the death may have been a murder.

2. The Reclusive Skeleton of Fingringhoe

Just prior to the outbreak of the second world war, actress Ada Constance Kent disappeared from the village of Fingringhoe. Despite the cottage being search, ten years later a skeleton was found in the bedroom.

3. There’s a Kind of Hum

Looking into reports of humming noises heard in various parts of the world, Punt looks at the potential causes of the sound which was first reported in Bristol in the 1960’s.

Series Ten

1. Lost Nukes

Investigation into stories of missing nuclear weapons in Britain, America and from the USSR. Punt talks to a number of sources about rumours and facts of weapons which may have been lost or dropped from aircraft over the years.

2. Treasure in the Piano

Looking at the discovery of gold coins hidden inside an old piano. Punt goes about investigating companies who owned the piano and the confusion of war time, in an attempt to find the reasons for the coins well hidden life.

3. Missing Priest

Punt takes a look at the case of missing priest Father Henryk Borynski in Bradford in 1953. The polish priest moved to the UK during the war, and being an outspoken critic on the Soviet regime, the theories include him being a victim of communist agents.

4. Taking the Pissoir?

Marcel Duchamp is considered on the greatest artists of the twentieth century but his most famous work was a urinal which featured the signature R. Mutt – was it the work of someone else?