Short Shows

This page documents some fun and interesting radio shows which have a runtime of around twenty minutes or less. Each of the episode synopses can be viewed in more detail on the appropriate radio page for the show.

How Does That Make You Feel?

How Does That Make You Feel? ran as a part of the BBC drama programme. Running for fifteen minutes, the episodes feature therapist Martha who has to deal with four different clients who have their own unique personalities. Running for eleven series, it offers both fun and sadness in various measures with Roger Allam's portrayal of a MP being particularly enjoyable.


Starring Reece Shearsmith, Self-Storage ran for twelve episodes across two series, and features Shearsmith as a man who has recently split from his wife, and finds himself with no where else to go but a storage unit. However, at the storage unit, he finds a number of new friends, including some who also live there.


Running for five series and starring Stephen Mangan and Claire Skinner, Lunch features two-contrasting characters who lived together at university and return each month to have lunch at a pub and catch up on the events of their lives. The shows each ran for fifteen minutes, though omnibus episodes of one hour, fifteen minutes for each series are also available.

Bird Island

Set on the sub-Antartic Island of Bird Island, awkward researcher Ben, played by Reece Shearsmith, records his diary to audio tape which features the trials and tribulations of life in the cold. Written by Katy Wix, the series features just eight episodes across two series, and the only wish is that it went on for a little longer.

Ladies of Letters

Featuring Patricia Routledge (Anne Reid in series eleven) and Prunella Scales as elderly pen pals Vera and Irene, the long running Ladies of Letters surrounds the events of the two women and their families. All the episodes during the shows run were around fifteen minutes in length, though omnibus episodes are also available.

The Fanthorpe Investigations

The Fanthorpe Investigations is narrated by Lionel Fanthorpe, and covers five events from around the world which relate to supposed paranormal activity. Each of the five episodes which make up the series is just five minutes long, and is much less of an investigation as an explanation of the events.

The Goldfish Bowl

The Goldish Bowl centres around two fish, Anton and Liam, who swim around their bowl analysing the world from their own little part of it. Their owner couple are going through a rocky spell in their relationship which leads Anton and Liam to discuss the events as they transpire.