The Blackburn Files

Series 1

1. A Case of Making Good

Tracey takes a call requesting miner turned private investigator Stephen J Blackburn to investigate the case of a wealthy woman who has received a mysterious parcel from an anonymous sender. Arriving a day late, he discovers that it is filled with ten pound notes. She suspects that it was sent from her now dead husband, but wants to find out where the money came from. Blackburn and Tracey head to a nearby club and his former school to sleuth, and discover a person from the wealthy woman's past.

2. A Case of Parma Violets

Betty Shuttleworth turns to Blackburn when she suspects her husband Frank is having an affair. Meanwhile, Stephen's mother is on his case about "getting a proper job" while business is on the quiet side. Setting about discovering the situation, he finds that Betty's husband is talking in his sleep and the pair haven't been talking much, while being intoxicated by her smell of Parma Violets. However, problems mount when Frank spots Stephen and Betty out discussing the case.

3. A Cruel Case of War / A Case of Brotherly Love

Canadian Jack Hargreaves asks Stephen to hunt for his long-lost brother Norman, forty-six years after their separation at a home for kids during the war, which resulted in Jack being shipped out to North America. Suspecting the case may be a drag, Stephen takes to heading out to the cemetery with Jack to check if he has since passed away, where he discovers his parents grave. Meanwhile, Tracey has to contend with Stephen's mother questioning her love life. Taking to talking with a journalist, Stephen gets him to publish a story to aid tracking down Norman.

4. A Case of Plagiarism

John Smith, play name Hartley J Newton, comes to Blackburn's to ask Stephen to investigate whether his latest television script has been stolen by a rival Marjorie Oglesby. Stephen heads to a former school where Marjorie is tutoring a writing class to investigate, where he discovers a collection of oddballs sharing their writings. Stephen eventually gets Hartley to confront Marjorie about the case of his manuscript, where they discover she hasn't actually stolen it, and Hartley doesn't have any talent for writing.

5. A Case of Haddock and Plaice

Believing that an elderly couple due to see him have marital problems, he actually discovers they are requesting his services to resolve a time-share con, which may mean Stephen's first case abroad. Deciding to take up the case, the person behind the scam - D.B. Close - has become well known with reporters now covering his cons. Starting on the trail, he tracks the conman to a nearby house, though is too late, which means a trip out to the Algarve, Portugal.

Series 2

1. A Case of Frinks and Moores

Stephen has a new office, and is busy setting it up. However, work is interrupted when he is contacted by organiser of an open-air sculpture exhibition, Rollo, who asks him to investigate the theft of seven art pieces. Setting about sleuthing the international art scene, Tracey however feels left out when Stephen goes to London alone. The case takes a strange turn when Rollo recalls a potential clue - the sound of horse hooves on the night of the theft, with clues pointing to a known scrap dealer and onto a new-age hippy camp.

2. A Case of Hearts and Flowers

In the midst of a business slump and at a family birthday party, Stephen discovers that his brother-in-law Nigel's briefcase has been stolen, while stopped on the way. It contains Nigel's Filofax which he uses to organise his life, leaving him irritated at the loss. The family talks Stephen into looking into the case, and the case takes an intriguing turn when he discovers the item is being held for ransom which involves Stephen and Tracey making a handover of a cash-filled briefcase. However, on the briefcase return, Nigel discovers that not all the contents are there.

3. A Case of a Golden Smile

Betty Ackroyd arrives at the agency with a case for Stephen to investigate. It surrounds her estranged husband, Archie, who left her thirty years ago without any word or trace, and has recently resurfaced - appearing on a television quiz show. Betty hopes to find out what happened, leading Stephen to head down to the television studio to find the address for the contestant, though the host of the show is less than helpful, making the case more difficult. With business also struggling, Tracey looks to leave as her training scheme comes to an end.

4. A Case of Whistle and Run

Tracey's final day has arrived. However, they have another case to handle when they are asked by a wealthy couple to take out two men who are causing them bother. With a lucrative offer on the table, Tracey tries to persuade him not to take it on. Not long after, they receive their first fax which is a threat from 'Dagger' on Stephen's life. He also begins to receive phone calls, but shows little concern. Dagger also takes to threatening Stephen's clients, who decide to escape to Torquay, as someone attempts to run over Stephen and Tracey, and also trashes the office.

Series 3

1. A Case of Winners and Losers

Mr Turner arrives at Blackburn and Duggan with a case of thievery on the allotments with his prize-winning Chrysanthemums being stolen. Agreeing to take a look despite the promise of payment in vegetables, Stephen sets about finding out who is responsible while Tracey continues to bring in money, much to Stephen's dismay who she is taking money from, as she tries to convince him that they need more high income, low effort work. As the two tackle a stakeout for the Chrysanthemum thief, Tracey suggests she is looking to strike out on her own.

2. A Case of Hard Times

Stephen is on a brewery case with an investigation into a pub quiz which the landlord Mr Bentley believes has been fixed and is causing punters to not play. Furthermore, he suggests that the brewery itself is behind the ruse as it is attempting to get him out and convert the pub into something more profitable. Stephen struggles to believe the brewery could be behind the ploy but sets about disguising himself to find out more, while also trying to convince Tracey to join him in partaking in the pub quiz.

3. A Case of Drowning Sorrows

Tracey is working for a solicitors as Stephen laments her not being in the office much anymore. Managing to convince her to look after the office for an afternoon while heading out to speak to his aunty, Eilene Simpson, who suggests there has been a robbery he can investigate. He is put on to the case of a missing dummy, Mrs P, for a ventriloquist, Arthur Swinscough, and ropes Tracey into the hunt, where they find that their hunt for the dummy takes them right back to Arthur.

4. A Case of Happy Endings

With work at the agency quiet for Stephen, the pair tackle one of Tracey's jobs for a man named Rupert in which they look for a man named O'Brien who has gone missing which if they can resolve promises a fortune for the pair. Seemingly chasing a ghost with little solid to go on, Stephen is left to contemplate and ends up thinking about his dead father who he turns to for help alongside a confession that he is falling for Tracey. The situation also leads to him making a connection which boosts their prospects of resolving the case.