The Price of Fear

The listing below features synopses for the twenty-one* known episodes of anthology series The Price of Fear, which starred Vincent Price. Episodes differed with Price either introducing and narrating the show, or featuring as part of the plot.

* Another episode named Never Gamble With a Loser is also believed to have aired as part of the series, however no recording can be found.

Remains to be Seen

Two men, Albert and Fred, finally introduce themselves after Fred's recent move making them neighbours. The pair quickly discover shared passions such as gardening and chess. Both men also find that their wives, Emily and Alice, are eternal nags and don't like their neighbours. After a number of chess nights at the local pub, the discussion between the men soon turns to dealing with their wives, as the pair contemplate having peace in their lives. In the early hours of the night, Alice is awoken by the sound of breaking glass and spots Albert removing a heavy chest from his house, where he begins to dig in the garden. Three days later with no sign of Emily, Alice calls in the police who begin to search for a body. The police eventually dig up the chest, and discover a dead cat. Having dodged the police, they move Emily's body from Fred's house and into Albert's cellar to bury her below ground. They also discuss the plan for Alice to go the same way in a years time.

William and Mary

Vincent discovers that former friends William and Mary are living in the same town as him, but finds that William has recently died. At the reading of the will in which Vincent is included, he finds that Mary has a solemn appearance due to years of loveless marriage, and recalls an encounter with the pair in which William and Mary had argued in front of him. Mary is left a note as part of William's will, which states that a doctor proposed an experiment which intends to keep his brain alive along with a single eye. William eventually agrees to the plan. Together with Vincent, Mary heads to see William's brain which is connected up to a blood-pumping machine. William is able to communicate his thoughts via an encephalogram, and despite nervous apprehension initially, Mary comes to have affection for his new quietness and demands that she be able to take her husband home, with Mary intending on William doing whatever she asks for the first time in their marriage.

Cat's Cradle

A small party of tourists visit an old Bavarian castle which was used in the Inquisition to hold torture victims. The group includes honeymooning couple Beth and Jack, the actor Price, and Malcolm, a film director. On the way to the castle they spot a cat and her kittens, which Malcolm decides to attract the attention of by throwing a stone near, which results in the death of a kitten when it is hit on the head. Proceeding on to the castle, the party are followed by the mother cat carrying her dead kitten, with Beth suggesting that the cat looks to be wanting to exact revenge on Malcolm. Visiting the torture room, Malcolm takes investigating the instruments which he plans to use in an upcoming film. However, while he is investigating one of the devices, the cat appears and launches herself at the castle custodian, causing a torture device to activate and kill Malcolm.

Meeting in Athens

Vincent Price is in Athens during the summer, where he is recognised by a young couple. They approach him and introduce themselves as Mark and Gillian, with Mark having met him previously on a film set. Due to head back to London the following day, the three enjoy a drink together in a hotel bar. The pair also meet an elderly Greek man, Yannis, who shows them a restaurant and bar with authentic Greek dancing, and onto a party at a villa being hosted by his friend. With it getting late, Gillian leaves the party early and head back to the hotel, as Mark decides to stay on. The following morning and Mark still hasn't turned up at the hotel, which leaves her turning to Vincent for help. Vincent uses a contact with the police to investigate the situation, they eventually turn up a body in a harbour which turns out to be Mark. His body however is white due to it being drained of its blood which the police officer suggests will be sold on the black market.

The Man Who Hated Scenes

Vincent is taking a train trip across America, and orders breakfast in the empty restaurant car. He is soon approached by Henry, a meek millionaire who asks to share his table, and is nervous about being a bother to the serving staff. Talk turns to his travels, which he is participating in on doctors orders, due to his nerves which are in some part caused by his cheating wife, Marilyn, a former swimmer. He recalls the tale of how they met, with her being younger and eventually admitting that their wedding was simply an arrangement for her. When Henry becomes ill, Marilyn takes charge by getting rid of all his staff. She however hires Charles as a chauffeur, who happens to be a former partner and begins an affair. Henry struggles to confront her, not wanting to cause a scene, and instead decides on leaving a hint by emptying the swimming pool of its water before the pair jump in while it is dark.

Lot 132

At an auction, Vincent arrives in time for Lot 132 - a portrait painting - to go up for sale, which he decides to bid on and wins. Some days later, he is showing a friend, Michael, around who is looking for a painting for his wife Marianne as a birthday gift. Vincent is somewhat glad about the painting going, due to the figure's face which attracts a strange, unnerving attention. Receiving some information about the painting subject being called Nathaniel Jeremiah Blackwell. He attempts to inform Michael, but the phone is answered by a police officer. Travelling to their home, Vincent discovers that Marianne and her children have been murdered, with Michael giving himself up. He goes on to discover that Blackwell was responsible for the murder of his own wife and children in much the same way Michael killed his own, and believes that his evil is still alive. Vincent sets about destroying the painting, but is on a race against time when he finds it has been sold on by a gallery.

The Waxwork

Recalling a tale in London, Vincent is wondering around the town, when he is spotted by old acquaintance Raymond Hughson. Raymond reveals he is spending the night in the "House of Horrors", a waxworks, nearby for his work as a story writer. Vincent agrees to help him bed in for the night, and the two head to the waxworks, where Vincent gives the impression he is currently down on his luck. They are shown some of the wax figures, including a small French murderer, Doctor Bordet, who managed to escape the guillotine. Leaving for a dinner engagement, Vincent is contacted at three in the morning by the museum staff, to head to the waxworks. On entering, he finds that Raymond is dead with the security guard reporting hearing a scream before finding him. Checking out his notebook and tape recorder, Vincent begins to put together the pieces of what happened, which begins with Raymond finding that the waxwork Bordet can move and talk.


In Australia, Vincent is having lunch with an aspiring actor Greg, when he encounters Jane who he has previously worked on a film with. Jane invites the pair to lunch at the weekend, and on the way to the event, Vincent recalls his time working with her when she ran off with the director causing filming to be suspended, with the pair disappearing. At lunch, they discover she is back with her husband Richard, who is keen to avoid talk of acting. Some time later, Vincent also discovers that the pair are moving to Brisbane with Richard planning on a retirement to enjoy his hobby of shark fishing. When conversation turns to Greg, he finds both Jane and Richard's answers are inconsistent. Eventually encountering Greg who he believes is following him, Vincent finds that Greg is unwell and also has ramblings about Richard being in control of Jane and keeping her away from him. However, Greg is insistent on following her "to the ends of the Earth".

Soul Music

Vincent spots musician Marianne during an overnight layover in Paris, though is surprised she isn't with her partner David from whom she is usually inseparable. Vincent decides on attending David's concert which is being held that evening, but he finds Marianne somewhat off about his attendance. At the concert, he discovers that David's performance is poor. Speaking to Marianne at the interval, she solemnly explains that his performances have been poor since shortly after they were married. Marianne has come to the conclusion she has to leave David to allow him "salvation". David turns up, and reveals to Vincent that he feels he has become possessed, to the point where he almost strangled Marianne. Returning home, Vincent discovers that David died the evening he spoke with Vincent, through unexplained circumstances which leads Vince to investigate.

Guy Fawkes' Night

A tale of Vincent's trip to London on Guy Fawkes' Night, when he spots that a Sir David Thomas was found dead and is being reported in the newspaper. Recalling a visit from David some time previous, his was once in a relationship with his mother Helen, and who now needs his help due to having nowhere else to turn. David reports that she is living in a sanatorium, though she is finding little medical help, and asks Vincent to talk to her to find out why she won't see her son, and what caused her mental condition to deteriorate. Vincent recalls meeting David as a teenager which was also on Bonfire Night, the oppressive nature of Helen's husband Frank towards David and his wife, as well as the way he himself parted with Helen on somewhat frosty terms. That night, as the bonfire starts, the Guy Fawkes' which is positioned over the fire is lit, though it has an odd acrid smell. Nobody has seen Frank either who vanished earlier that day.

Come As You Are

Invited to a costume party, Vincent initially declines his attendance, but is later persuaded to appear by Charles who refuses to take no as an answer. Eventually managing to find his way to the house, Charles invites Vincent into the library for a quick drink, before joining the party. Vincent takes to walking around the large house, where he discovers another man who has rejected the opportunity to attend in dress up. The man refuses formal introductions, but reveals he is attending with his wife and her young friend Luigi, before he goes on to describe his wife as a chaser of youth. He soon discovers that he has lost his wife to Luigi, and wanting his wife dead, he sets about using the legend of a resident ghost of the house to frighten his wife to death. The man however encounters the real spectre himself. However, Vincent finds that the man's death and ghostly encounter had more to it than meets the eye.

Speciality of the House

Vincent is reminded of a stay in New York City in which he headed to dinner with advertising agency acquaintance Harry. Heading to a back alley brownstone which Harry suggests is a fantastic restaurant. Harry asks for the special, which is still not available. Vincent discovers that the restaurant has no menu, and instead the guests are offered whatever the chef decides. Harry reveals his fondness for the restaurant during their conversation, and Vincent joins him several more times, which leads to him realising he is putting on weight. On another visit, they discover that the special - Lamb Armistan - is available that evening leading both to look forward to the meal. Harry notices that a regular is not in attendance, before they are served by the chef, Spiro, himself. At yet another visit, Vincent and Harry find a waiter outside Spiro's being attacked in the alley and resort to saving him, though in return the waiter suggests Harry not go into Spiro's kitchen when invited.

The Ninth Removal

Vincent encounters Amelia Sidgwick while waiting in a meeting room and reading a magazine in which a model is pictured. Sidgwick can't help but comment on her disgust at her being scantily clad and takes to telling him about a story of her travels on the underground in which she can't help but loathe the other travellers, and in particular a girl in a short dress. She goes on to tell him about the hiring of a Miss Franklin at a company she previously worked for, but becomes irritated again at the girls work, appearance and attitude though finds her boss doesn't take her side, who insists on Amelia sticking with her. Meanwhile, the newspaper are reporting on a 'sex murderer' who is attacking girls in a nearby park which Sidgwick again blames on girls in short dress. She is also horrified to discover her boss is having an affair with Miss Franklin, which leaves her angered, and sets about exacting a punishment on the pair. However, her boss also has his secrets.

An Eye for An Eye

Heading to an art auction, and near to the end of the event, a piece goes up for sale named "Study of a Girl" that is inviting an opening bid and was unsigned by the artist. Vincent is reminded of his friend Luigi, and a time in Italy when he visits his house along with a woman named Contessa. Luigi is the cook for the evening, and reveals his speciality cooking, which turns out to be a significantly underwhelming. When Vincent looks closer, he discovers it is an octopus, still alive. Declining the invitation to eat it, Luigi takes offence at this and takes to proving it is fine to eat by removing one of the creatures eyes and enjoying. The evening goes on, and Vincent begins to feel an apology is in order, though Luigi is content with the situation. Leaving him alone after a drink as the night goes on, Vincent contemplates Luigi's attitude throughout the day. The following morning, Luigi is found having been torn apart by tentacles in his bedroom with the striking thing being one of his eyes missing.

Blind Man's Bluff

Recalling a visit to a remote part of Cornwall by train, it comes to a stop at a small halt. As the train begins to move again, Vincent spots a man chasing the train shouting for it to wait. Vincent leans from the doorway and helps him aboard. The man who is named Moley is also blind, though appears to have a strong hatred for most people. Despite his blindness, he has a perception which leaves Vincent feeling he is being watched anyway. Moley goes on to tell a story of a horrible lodger who moved in with him, but began to take advantage of his disability, as well as not paying the rent, and eventually going on to burn Moley's dead mothers belongings. When Moley challenges the lodger, the lodger retorts with a threat to throw Moley on the fire. Determined to resolve the situation himself, Moley sets about exacting revenge on the man by sewing up his eyes.

Goody Two Shoes

Mr David and Mrs Anne Fordyce are in their mid-thirties having been married for five years. The pair are considered to have been meant for each other, and take to buying a deserted cottage in Devon, they set about making improvements to the house which hasn't been lived in for a significant length of time. Spending their first night in the house, Anne has a busy day ahead at the cottage starting to tidy it up while David is away at work. Expecting villager Mrs Perkins to help, she doesn't turn up leaving Anne to head into town to buy food. Upon returning, Anne finds the house rearranged with furniture having since been delivered, and books arranged. Believing Mrs Perkins has turned up, she eventually finds that Mrs Perkins hadn't been near the house, having been caught up elsewhere. Upon hearing of the situation, Mrs Perkins tells the tale of a woman - a tenant of the house from a previous century - and strange events begin to the divide the couple.

To My Dear, Dear Saladin

A couple, Emily and Freddy, are bequeathed a house by an Emily's aunt Hester. The will however has a stipulation that the pair must look after her cat, Saladin, and it must be kept in the same comfort that it has always enjoyed. The couple eventually arrive at their new home to begin crating up the "junk" left over from her aunt who was somewhat of a hoarder, though Freddy is more interested in selling the items. Cracks in the pairs relationship soon starts to show, as Freddy recalls that Hester never really liked him. Also looking to take down the portrait of Hester which sits in the master bedroom, Saladin takes to objecting to the picture being removed, before being eventually banished out of the house by Freddy. The cat spends a few days seemingly wanting to re-enter the house, before disappearing. Meanwhile, Emily travels to see an unwell family member, leaving Freddy alone in the house, during which Saladin returns to dish out its revenge.

The Family Album

Arthur Goodby's wife Rose is having an affair with his younger friend Harry, who happens to also be lodging in the house at Arthur's invitation, while their affair works around Arthur's predictable schedule. Out at a shop where he purchases an old family album, though he agrees with his friend the owner to pay what he thinks its worth later. Arthur returns home to Rose's constant complaint's about him buying rubbish, while also revealing he has bought a car which they can use for "family" outings. Arthur begins to take pictures and spends more and more time in his shed working on the album. While on another trip to a bird sanctuary, Arthur goes missing and is presumed to be dead. Rose is looking forward to inheriting everything though finds he remortgaged the house and spent a large amount of money, leaving Harry's circumstances also changed. Arthur however remains alive, and comes back to his shed to complete the family album.

Not Wanted on the Voyage

Henrietta Forsythe is a wealthy, controlling person is recently married to Carlos Mendoza, who is somewhat reliant on his wife and has begun to resent her power over him. Henrietta's secretary Evelyn is also heavily swayed by her despotic boss, which results in Carlos and Evelyn having an affair. Carlos sets about carefully planning a boat trip, which will involve his wife and Evelyn also coming along. Henrietta remains confined mostly to her cabin while Carlos and Evelyn are free to enjoy the ship which results in them having a sense of danger in their relations. It isn't long before Henrietta catches them together, which results in the angry Carlos hitting Henrietta and killing her. Setting about covering up the murder, with Evelyn having to pretend to be Henrietta, Carlos waits for the luggage to be unloaded from the ship during which Henrietta's blood begins to leak from the trunk she is stored in.

Out of the Mouths

Richard Atkins is a scientist being retired against his will after a project he is working on begins to fall behind. Taking to the pub with friend and colleague David, he reveals he has become disillusioned with his work in any case. Discussing age and deterioration, Richard suggests his work has lead him to believe that newborn children have a huge amount of knowledge prior to being educated. Heading home to wife Rachel, Richard finds out that she is pregnant. The newborn eventually arrives and is named David after his friend, who is made godfather. During a restless night, Richard takes to contemplating his childs brain. Taking to writing down numerous equations on the blackboard over the course of a number of nights with the help of young David, Rachel approaches David for help. David sets about trying to find out what Richard's equations mean, while Richard continues to perform experiments on his child which results in him becoming childlike himself.

Is There Anybody There?

In a discrete suburban home, a fake clairvoyant Griselda sees her regular client, the ever-punctual Mr Henry Jollit who attends looking for a preview of eternity. Also present is Edie Thorpe who is Griselda's sister and assistant. Griselda sets about hosting the session though for a third week, though Edie has to do much of the "interpretation". When Henry leaves, Griselda takes to drinking and begins to decry her business as she admits to her sister that her gift is completely made up which leaves Edie upset at the news and heading off to bed. Griselda passes away over night which leaves Edie struggling to process now being alone. Mr Jollit arrives to offer his sympathy after seeing the notice of death in the newspaper, where he admits he visited Griselda under false pretenses and that he is actually a professor of Incan history who is intrigued by a pendant Griselda wore which has a connection to the past.