Trevor's World of Sport

This page covers the radio version of Trevor’s World of Sport. The radio show proceeded the television version in 2004, with the story continuing for another three series.

Series 1

1. Jason

Trevor struggles with a dream in which he is interviewed by John Humphrys about his personal life and being a sports agent, and discusses the issue the following day with Barry, Heidrun and Theresa. Later while on the phone with estranged wife Meryl, they discuss their son Toby’s mood. He also has to deal with football club manager Ted who accuses the agency of attempting to lure star player Jason away and rants that agents are ruining the game. Trevor and Sammy discuss the conversation with Ted, with Sammy revealing that he has been shopping Jason around to different clubs and planting rumours in the press. Perennially present client and former sports show host Ralph arrives to discuss researching his audition for hosting a religious interview show. Around at Meryl’s, she discusses with Trevor the possibility of getting a divorce. The following day, Jason arrives at the office to discuss the transfer rumours. Wanting a move, which will involve him getting a loyalty bonus, Trevor tells him the rumours are just that though Sammy makes the process difficult. On the phone with Ted, Trevor informs him of the good news around Jason ignoring the rumours. Ted instead says the call is about finding himself a new club, which leads to Trevor hanging up and calling on Sammy to offer Jason around to other clubs.

2. Ethics

Trevor arrives complaining about the state of the transport service, with Sammy suggesting he take a car instead. At the same time, Barry is told to despatch a wasp in Sammy’s office. Sammy takes task with Trevor when he mentions that he is still doing jobs around the house for estranged wife Meryl, while also worrying about son Toby who has a wayward friend. Toby soon calls as Trevor attempts to talk to him about his friend, but backs out and asks him to go bowling. Irate snooker player Jerry McCutcheon arrives and upsets Theresa by taking the Lord’s name in vain. Trevor prepares to call Jerry to get him to apologise under threat of dropping him as a client, with Sammy trying to talk him out of it. At a “getting to know the staff” dinner with Trevor and Sammy, Barry is asked about his ambitions. Heidrun reveals that she is getting married, and inviting Theresa to the wedding causes some conflict of feeling due to her lesbianism. Back in the office, Trevor feels better about broaching the story of Toby having spent too much time with his friend Bigsy, but soon receives a phone call from Toby who is at the police station with Bigsy having been arrested for shoplifting.

3. Samantha

Trevor continues to deal with the aftermath of Toby’s shop lifting, having received a warning from the police; and wife Meryl suggesting he talk to Toby again. Meryl also announces that she is learning the piano, much to Trevor’s surprise. Sammy enters the office suggesting that they begin representing an eight year old footballer; Jonny Chang, who happens to be Chinese. Sammy suggests it could be a good business opportunity for the future, though Trevor remains sceptical. Tennis player and client Samantha arrives at the office demanding that Trevor find the source of an internet rumour about a same-sex relationship she is having and stop them. Ralph meanwhile is also left talking to Barry about his lack of work and being left to contemplate taking a pantomime job, before announcing he is planning to write an autobiography called ‘Ralphly Speaking’. Trevor and Sammy also attend a meeting with Jonny’s father about potentially signing him on as a client who seems very concerned with the corrupting football world, before heading to lunch with Heidrun in another ‘getting to know the staff’ dinner. Another rumour breaks about Samantha having an affair with Orlando Bloom; but soon finds that Samantha spread the rumour herself to distract from the previous one. Jonny Chang’s father arrives in the office, to announce his son will be joining a Spanish club as they’ve paid him off, and that he has signed up with rival agency Tony Thompson.

4. Antonia

After find some porn magazines in Toby’s room, Meryl tries to talk Trevor in discussing it with his son. Theresa also arrives after a bad weekend having had her vicar ‘named’ in the newspaper. Sammy calls Barry into his room, and sets him about killing another wasp which has entered his office, with Barry being disappointed again that he is not being taken seriously. Client Antonia arrives at the office for a meeting with Trevor and Sammy as she prepares for a solo trek to the North Pole, having just fired her former agent for querying the dangers. Trevor discusses concerns about Antonia with Sammy, Meryl and Heidrun who all suggest he is wrong to be worried. The following day, Sammy finds that the office now had three wasps and demands Barry kill them, while Heidrun attempts to cope with busy phone lines and a talkative Ralph who is worrying over his wife going into hospital for a ‘procedure’. While talking at dinner with Toby about his attitude towards women, Sammy arrives and reveals that Trevor once had sex with a woman in a car park; at which point Toby storms off. Theresa arrives to work rather depressed having found her vicar has gone and having embezzled a large amount of the church funds. Sammy hears news that a storm has blown into the Arctic and that she can not be rescued; though does not seem particularly upset due to the potential media coverage.

5. Divorce

Listening to the news, Sammy and Trevor hear that Antonia is still stuck in the Arctic storm, with Sammy suggesting they prepare to sell her story. Barry arrives in a bad mood after an argument with his girlfriend over his lack of ambition, where he finds Heidrun offering little sympathy. Trevor confronts Sammy over revealing his sexual escapade over dinner, though Sammy still doesn’t see it as much of a problem. Theresa is also still upset over the disappearance of her vicar, as a loud bang is heard – revealed to be a car backfiring. Ralph arrives revealing that his wife is back home from hospital, and asks as to responses over his autobiography which is considered to be bland. Meryl arrives at the office to speak to Trevor, and queries Toby’s mood since the lunch. Suggesting it is the uncertainty in their relationship, Meryl posits a divorce. Heading off Meryl, Trevor says he’ll speak to Toby and try to find out what is wrong. Theresa still being depressed is offered time off by Trevor, and begins to question her faith. Later, while speaking to Toby, Trevor discusses the situation and reveals that unless his mood improves they will have to finalise a divorce. In the office, The following day, Theresa arrives in a better mood having rationalised her beliefs in a somewhat skewed manner. Barry reveals that Antonia has been rescued which somewhat disappoints Sammy, and his mood turns for the worse when he finds that she has signed a deal with rival Tony Thompson.

6. Quiz

Heidrun is in a bad mood after splitting up with her girlfriend, after finding her in bed with a man. Everyone finds out except Sammy. Sammy begins planning for litigation over Antonia and her agreement with Tony Thompson. Speaking with Trevor, Barry hands in his notice, but Trevor attempts to calm the situation by revealing that the rivalry between Sammy and Tony is due to Tony stealing his girlfriend many years ago. Barry is still insistent on leaving however as he doesn’t feel valued. Client Hamish arrives after winning a bronze medal, but offers it to Trevor as he doesn’t feel he deserves it having finished fifth, but with two runners disqualified for drug cheating. Sammy signs Heidrun up to help him win a quiz, going so far as to offer her five hundred pounds. Ralph arrives announcing he has replaced Eamon Holmes as quiz master. At dinner with Trevor, Sammy guesses that Heidrun has broken up with her girlfriend and is rather happy at the situation believing he has a chance with her. Ending the quiz in a tie with Tony Thompson’s team, the group has to answer a tie-breaker question. Barry attempts an answer and gets it wrong, with Tony Thompson’s team winning. Tony comes over to gloat, and invites Heidrun over to his table, but she pretends to be Sammy’s girlfriend. Sammy offers Barry a raise for putting himself on the line.

Series 2

1. Work Experience

Trevor’s god-daughter Carrie joins for some work experience with a view to getting into the sports industry while she takes a break in her university studies. Meanwhile, football player and client Dean has gotten into trouble by headbutting his own goalkeeper, with Trevor suggesting they give him a final warning with a view to dropping him. Sammy on the other hand attempts to play down the issue. When Dean arrives, he fails to see the problem and doesn’t seem too concerned with the lack of apology. Carrie and Trevor head out to lunch as Ralph leaves them with his novel that he wrote over the weekend. At lunch, Trevor speaks the chairman of Dean’s club and suggests they fine him three months wages, which he obligingly agrees to. Back in the office, Ralph decides he is going to self-publish his novel while waiting on news of Dean’s fine; which is revealed to be just ten thousand pounds. Sammy announces that he has arranged an advert featuring Dean headbutting a pizza delivery man for a decent sum. Carrie announces that she has seen enough of life in the talent management world, and leaves Trevor feeling unfulfilled about his job; before having to deal with Ralph’s novel idea again.

2. Dog

Theresa has brought her dog Frisky into work as she has no one else to look after it. Sammy arrives to query the dog having one front leg and wheels in place of the rear, which Theresa mentions was the result of a drunk driver. Ralph arrives asking Sammy to get him a higher salary for an insurance ad, but becomes worried when he finds that a tiger will also be in the advert. New disabled client and Paralympian Lance arrives and has to be carried upstairs by Trevor and Sammy after Sammy broke the lift, and his no nonsense style soon negotiates their agency fee down. While discussing finances with Meryl, she reveals to Trevor that she is writing a novel about a failed marriage; with similarities to their own. At lunch, Sammy tries to get Trevor to confront his “problem” of being affected by other people’s emotions. Trevor gives Barry the task of finding a company to sponsor Lance, but the work is soon a wasted effort when Lance reveals he has found another agency. In the end, Trevor blows his top and shouts at Theresa about having her dog at work suggesting it be more suited to a circus. Sammy speaks to the director of Ralph’s insurance ad and manages to negotiate tripling the fee though Ralph shows little concern for the money.

3. Stalker

Trevor calls in on Meryl to query her about the contents of her book, and finds that Toby is somewhat happier after meeting a girl. In the office, Barry is in charge of an energy-audit which Sammy dismisses claiming climate change is a communist con. Ralph arrives to speak to Trevor to confide in him that he apparently has an attractive stalker who has been writing him letters and standing outside his house. Trevor queries whether he is really bothered about the situation, before finding that he has already contacted the press. Theresa tries to offer sympathy to Ralph, and reveals that her husband has been receiving sexual letters from a woman at work. Barry, Heidrun, and Theresa dare Sammy to give up his car for a week. Sammy arrives after enduring his journey on the underground, after getting into a number of skirmishes with other passengers. Ralph arrives in the office having had his stalker follow him to the office. Theresa uses some initiative and calls a psychiatric hospital who reports that the woman is well known to them and will be along to pick her up.

4. Trust

In the office, Barry is in charge of redecorating the reception with Sammy complaining about the new energy saving light bulbs and the colour scheme. Ralph suggests placing a large print of a sporting star behind the reception desk, so the group continues arguing between Pele and Mike Tyson. Client Samantha arrives and wants to initial a denial about racist comments she made to a Japanese competitor. Talking with Ralph, Theresa mentions that her husband Dennis has taken to watching Liverpool for entire weekends. Attempting to get Trevor to make a statement on her behalf and exploit his honest nature, Samantha threatens to withdraw her business. At lunch, Trevor tells Sammy he is not going to lie for Samantha though Sammy spins a tale about the loss of her business making staff redundant. He then takes aim at Trevor “allowing” Meryl to write a book based on their marriage. The following day, Ralph brings in a print of himself for hanging behind the reception, but finds that Sammy asked Heidrun to pick a photo instead. Meanwhile, on the phone Trevor tells Samantha that he is not going to issue a denial, but finds that Samantha has blackmailed her with other allegations. Heading out to reception with Sammy to look at the picture that Heidrun has chosen, Trevor remarks that it is rather large and dramatic – it being the goal scored in the 1996 World Cup which “didn’t cross the line”.

5. Marathon

Theresa has finally worked out her husband Dennis is having an affair, after rummaging through his wallet and finding condoms. Rugby player and client Roddy is talking about retiring – in two seasons – though Trevor believes he needs to retire now due to medical advice from doctors after spending the season injured and being thirty seven. Sammy attempts to invite Heidrun to the theatre but she reveals she is running in a marathon at the weekend. Trevor calls Meryl to ask her to the theatre using Sammy’s tickets and finds that she is going salsa dancing with a creative writing classmate. Back in the office, Heidrun has injured her ankle meaning that she will miss the marathon, but Sammy offers to be a substitute. Trevor queries whether he will be able to complete the run having not trained and being generally unfit. Following the weekend, Sammy has managed to complete the marathon having worn the costume that Heidrun was going to wear – it being a furry purple gnu – and arrives to work in severe pain. Meanwhile, Roddy arrives and Trevor begins another attempt at convincing him to retire, having now been released by his club. Ralph barges in trying to talk to Trevor, but ends up talking to Roddy alone and ends up convincing him inadvertently that he isn’t as good as he used to be. Sammy manages to talk Heidrun into a meal with a number of stipulations. Trevor returns to his office where Roddy has now decided to end his career, having had to endure Ralph.

6. French

Jean-Paul, a footballer, is in the office with Trevor and Sammy who admits he dived to win a penalty. He then goes on to demand they engineer a transfer away from his current club, but he also wants to collect a loyalty bonus. He invites them and the staff to a party at his house that evening. Barry’s fiancée Janine arrives in the office to shout at Sammy and Trevor over the way they treat him. When the pair emerge from the office, she launches into a tirade before walking out. Ralph arrives for another chat with Trevor, and reveals he is disturbed that he spent an hour in Sainsbury’s without being noticed by anyone. His plan is to do something shocking – punching a famous person – to get himself back in the media. Meryl calls the office to tell Trevor that Toby has been dumped by email. Barry is also called in to speak to Sammy, and suggests that he be more forceful with Janine, before Barry drops the news that they need to plan Heidrun’s leaving party. On arriving back in the office after lunch, Sammy tries to tempt Heidrun to stay by offering more money. At Jean-Paul’s party that evening, Meryl and Trevor get into an argument over her book and Trevor says he is going to get an injunction to prevent her going to print. At the party, Barry takes on a more forceful tone with Janine when she suggests he go and ask for a raise. Ralph attempts his punch at the party, and ends up getting beaten up by a kick-boxing champion. In the office after the weekend, Jean-Paul has sacked the agency from representing them after Sammy called him a cheat. Heidrun has also decided to stay, revealing that she met a waitress at the party, and will also take the pay raise Sammy offered. Barry reveals that his forceful approach with Janine got him dumped over the weekend.

Series 3

Episodes in series three did not use named titles.

Episode 1

Trevor is on the witness stand testifying as a character witness for Sammy who has been accused of assaulting Tony Thompson. Suggesting that Sammy couldn’t have assaulted him, Heidrun, Barry, and Theresa question whether Trevor has made the correct choice. Barry reveals he is growing a beard at girlfriend Janine’s suggestion while Ralph arrives to discuss a column he has agreed to do in a newspaper, though lacks controversy to talk about. Sammy is displeased at Barry’s beard as the pair begin an argument when Sammy tells him to get rid of it, though Heidrun suggests it is a fear of masculinity that Sammy is against them. In Trevor’s office, Sammy queries how Trevor is going to approach the prosecution’s questions the following day, with Trevor adamant he is not intending to commit perjury. At Meryl’s, she reveals that a sequel to her book is being planned with her publisher though Trevor suggests something entirely different. In court, Trevor is back on the stand and struggling to recall the events of a previous assault Sammy committed on Tony Thompson. Trevor tries to portray Sammy in a good light, though ends up not being particularly convincing. In the office, Sammy arrives revealing he has been acquitted after the “towel monkey” in the toilet was the one who committed the assault after Tony wouldn’t tip him.

Episode 2

Barry is growing a beard, but Sammy soon takes to having a go at him and tells him to shave it off. Trevor arrives and announces that cricketer Muhammad is due in for a meeting, but Sammy disagrees that they should represent a cricketer. He is also concerned about representing a Muslim and the possible negative opinion on the agency. Ralph also has some work for ITV, being sent to an island in the Outer Hebrides to record his survival. At dinner, Sammy tries to tell Trevor to stop popping round to Meryl’s, and tells him that a waitress appears to fancy him. Back at the office, Trevor is having a phone call with Meryl who reveals her book is possibly being turned into a film. The following day, Trevor receives a call from Ralph panicking that he has no equipment bar a camera and mobile phone. Muhammad arrives for another meeting, and has decided to be represented by a muslim-only agency. Barry has also shaved his beard, after it gave Janine a rash. Trevor also challenges Sammy’s aversion to the beard by revealing that Sammy’s own attempts to grow a beard failed badly. That night Trevor receives another call from Ralph who has found a cave, but wants to be talked to sleep as he is frightened.

Episode 3

Barry and Janine have set a date for a wedding, with Theresa suggesting they have a church wedding though Barry is against it. Heidrun suggests a church wedding is not always beneficial with Theresa herself due to divorce her husband. Sammy and Trevor arrive, with Trevor hearing that a movie is being planned for Meryl’s book. Trevor also has a meeting with football player who has been done for assaulting a police after getting drunk. Sammy suggests dropping him as a client. Ralph arrives for another quick chat who has searched for his name on the internet and found a number of unflattering comments. Sammy also offers a present to Barry for his engagement – advice – which turns out to be a pre-nuptial agreement. Arriving at the prison to speak to Dean, who has been spending a lot of time in the library and turned down an interview with a newspaper, he begs Trevor to find him a club for when he comes out. Talking with Meryl that evening, Trevor finds that she actually agrees with Sammy. Barry reveals he floated the idea of a pre-nuptial, and Janine agreed to it without hesitation leaving Barry worried. Trevor has also managed to find a club to take a chance of Dean, while Ralph reveals he has been rejected from a television show for being too intellectual for them. Heading out to tell Dean the news, he finds that Dean has got involved in a fight which will delay his release.

Episode 4

Theresa is celebrating with the rest of the office after winning two hundred thousand pounds on the Premium Bonds draw. Ralph arrives announcing he has got a job as a guest speaker for a charity event, though plans on attempting jokes plagiarised from comedians. He also discusses with Trevor how he will get paid, though Trevor suggests he’ll actually be doing it for free. Theresa receives a call from Dennis who says he has been thinking of her, leaving her somewhat confused as to whether he knows about the winnings. At dinner, Sammy tries to get Trevor to ask out the waitress who appears much younger. When Sammy bets him to do it, he returns to the office with a date. Also meeting a jockey in the restaurant who reveals he is riding in a fixed race, Sammy places a bet on the horse – later roping Barry and Heidrun into the betting. In a meeting with Trevor, Sammy suggests putting the companies yearly profit on the fixed horse race, much to Trevor’s dismay. Speaking with Meryl, Trevor reveals he has a date which surprises, and even more-so when he tells her that she is twenty. Ralph’s charity event doesn’t go down very well when he hands in his expenses which causes some disquiet. When the horse dies during the race, the conversation turns to money when Theresa reveals she has donated her winnings to charity.

Episode 5

While in a meeting with snooker player client Gerry, Trevor finds that Gerry has developed a phobia of pockets. Trevor suggests that he might be drinking too much, though he strongly denies it. Heidrun notices that Theresa is shaking, when she reveals that a kid confronted her on the way home while they were vandalising a bus shelter. Ralph arrives in the office for a meeting with Trevor, who has been rejected for a job due to wanting someone younger. Ralph therefore announces he is getting a facelift. Barry has arrived late having an awful journey into work, with little sympathy from Sammy. Trevor spends some time trying to convince Ralph not to undergo surgery before heading out to dinner with Sammy who quizzes him about his date with younger waitress Nicola. While visiting Meryl and discussing Ralph, Trevor finds that she is also going to have surgery on her nose. She soon changes the topic and also questions him on the date. Gerry and Trevor have another meeting at which Trevor tries to convince him he is an alcoholic. Barry is in the toilet and upset, with Sammy trying to get him out, Barry reveals he cheated on Janine after they had an argument. Theresa attends a martial arts class and ends up beating up the instructor while venting her anger, as she prepares for her husband to move back in. Gerry has also won a tournament and reveals on television that he has changed everything about his life, including his agent. Ralph has also undergone surgery.

Episode 6

Trevor wakes up next to Nicola after their second date, and ends up discussing taking a gap year when she reminds him of what he said the night before. In the office, Barry is still jumpy over his infidelity while Trevor reveals that he has to visit Ralph in hospital after his facelift. In his office with Sammy, Trevor decides that he is going to take a year off from the business leaving Sammy somewhat confused as to what he will do. Sammy takes to blaming the women in Trevor’s life for encouraging him. At the hospital, Ralph is still trying to put a brave face on the surgery even though it appears to be in bad shape. Trevor visits Meryl who is favourable towards him taking a gap year, and also mentions that things are going well with her new partner. The following day, Barry is starting to crack under the pressure and guilt of not having told Janine with Meryl and Heidrun putting the pressure on, though Heidrun also ends up bringing up her own past partners cheating. Sammy also is in hospital with a heart issue, which appears to be nothing serious. While visiting Ralph again, Trevor tries to calm him as he is beginning to worry – particularly as Sammy is in the same hospital. Heidrun also visits Sammy in hospital, where he reveals that he is worried about Trevor not wanting to come back to the agency once he has had a break. Back in the office, Barry feels much better after telling Janine about his one-night stand, where she reveals she also had one with a co-worker the same night. Theresa is also happy that her husband is back. Sammy discusses with Trevor that he thinks he should have a break, and that he won’t stand in his way. In the evening, Nicola and Trevor agree that their relationship will just remain fun for a while. Asking him about his gap year decision, he reveals he is taking one – in a year or two – at which point Ralph rings for advice.