Weird Tales

Melissa Murray - Out of the Depths

Martha discovers that her younger half-sister Grace has been attending past-life regression therapy to break a cycle of bad relationships, and that the therapist treating her has also hit her. Confronting the therapist, she discovers that Grace is beginning to remember memories of her past. The pair take a trip to Cornwall where they are returning to a place from their younger lives, where Martha and Grace finds that their family and the village retains demons which need to be confronted. However, only one of the sisters can be freed from the situation and it comes at a cost.

Chris Harrald - The Loop

Set in 1906, workers are digging out for a new London Underground line and unearth some mysterious remains. Calling in archaeologist Geoffrey Coombs, he investigates and discovers an odd skeleton which appears to be warning people away. Behind it, a large stone slab sits which can not be moved. His assistant Billy touches it and remarks that it feels like human skin and is wet. A cast impression is made, and friend Lucy remarks that it has hand prints which appear to have been made from behind the stone. Furthering his analysis, Geoffrey realises that the object was buried here to keep people away and that some things are best left undisturbed.

Ed Hime - Bleeder

Trainee surgeon Andy Wheeler is left with a recurring nightmare after a car accident which kills his friend, with his memories taking him back to the moments after the crash in the car. The problems extend to his work as he begins to see visions of an "inside-out man", and he begins to drink to excess. Flatmate Alice, who he is sleeping with attempts to help while her boyfriend Richard reveals Andy is drunk to their boss while performing surgery. Heading to a fairground, Andy, Alice and Richard go on a Ferris Wheel where their affair is revealed, and he is unable to distinguish reality and fantasy.

Lynn Ferguson - The Fly

Alan, a lonely, middle-aged man knows everything about flies. He recalls as a young child the first time he discovered flies as one buzzed around the room. He also goes on to describe his life growing up with his depressive and agoraphobic mother, hoping one day to get her out of their flat so his life can change. One day, he meets Amber in an online chatroom, who is a Californian lady who knows everything about spiders, and the two begin to get to know each other while he works a job as a night-time security guard. When his job replaces him with a computer system, Alan sets about stealing the company accounts and running off to California to meet Amber.

Melissa Murray - Connected

Steph is bought a new phone for her birthday by brother-in-law Ray. Her partner and his brother, Jamie, later receives a call that Ray has been killed in a car crash. After the funeral, she rings Ray's phone to hear his voice, and leaves a message on the answer phone. The following day, she receives a distorted sounding phone call and finds that she has been called by Ray, which starts to be a regular occurrence. Believing that Steph is losing her mind, Jamie eventually smashes the phone and sets about trying to go on with their lives, however, Ray is persistent in trying to get in contact.

Lynn Ferguson - Split the Atom

Frank Ivory is an angry and spiteful man who is dismayed at seemingly everything in the world, and shows little sympathy for others. On his way home one night, he meets friendly taxi driver Gwen, and again several times over the next few days. She is determined to tell him about the story of the Morrigan, a Celtic goddess believed to be in charge of deciding on who should live and who should die as various death themes such as white lilies and crows begin to appear in Frank's life.

Richard Vincent - The House on Pale Avenue

Geoff and Jane Williams, along with their daughter Sarah, move into a new house. Forced into a smaller house due to issues with Geoff's previous job, the three intend on a fresh start. Over the next few days, the three hear noises around the house and discover a strange smell in Sarah's room, as well as dig up buried knives in the garden. Jane begins to push for getting out of the house, as she takes to sleeping in Sarah's room, and the divisions between the couple become more strained. The strain on the family becomes more severe, and the police turn up following a welfare call from Jane's sister, with a report of his wife and daughter being missing.

Christopher William Hill - Original Features

Carl and Rob buy a flat in a nineteenth century house, and believe they have found their perfect home. Rob heads away on business to Dublin for a night, while Carl throws himself into restoring the flat. He also meets a neighbour, Jess, who shows him pictures of the original features of the building, which also contain a figure by the window. Jess goes on to talk about her husband who became convinced the building was haunted. Rob begins to also believe that the flat has an unsettling feeling, and sees a figure of a small girl outside the window, as well as repeated phone calls. Carl begins to withdraw into himself, as the young girl tries to entice him to the window for a picture.

Richard Vincent - The Burial of Tom Nobody

Reverend Braiden is on his way home at night, and receives a call from his bed-ridden wife Eleanor that she can see someone in the garden. On arriving to the house, he finds her gone though while contacting the police, a mysterious man enters the house requiring the reverend to cooperate if he wants to see his wife again. Placing him in a van, the reverend learns that there is a man named Tom Nobody in the back, and that his kidnappers require him to preside over a ceremony. Arriving at a graveyard, the three unload a coffin from the van and plan on burying the man alive, and require the reverend to say the words 'to make it official', though if he doesn't, they will execute his wife. The reverend discovers that the events are a test of his faith.

Amanda Whittington - Louisa's

At Louisa's diner, Louisa and Pete argue about their business struggling financially. Trying to fix a vintage jukebox, it magically springs into life when she hits it in anger. Starting up and playing a 60's record, Pete's half-brother Joe arrives, pretending to have returned from America, as a number of emergency vehicles rush past. While alone, Pete and Joe discuss their scheme of stealing fuel to make money. The three also find that oddities begin to happen, such as the sky turning black and being unable to open a door. Pete tries to find out what is happening, leaving Louisa with Joe who questions why he has returned. Joe demands she tell Pete the truth, as she reveals their previous affair. As the arguments continue, the diner begins to set fire with the three stuck in the building.

Lizzie Nunnery - Night Terrors

Teenager Victoria is highly-intelligent girl who is beginning to mentally breakdown, while her jealous and unsympathetic older sister Laura believes that her sister has always been the favourite. Victoria begins to have flashbacks of being pressured by her father. Also being bullied at school, Victoria ends up in a fight and her fake notes to miss school are discovered. As the division between the sisters becomes more stark, Laura tells her sister that their father didn't die the way she thinks. The flashbacks become more brutal, though her mother doesn't believe anything bad about her husband. Ending up in hospital while trying to get away from her father, he appears and continues to demand she be his "good, little girl".