Firefox New Configuration Guide

Customising your web browser is generally a personal thing, and I keep most changes to a minimum. This page is really for my own recollection, though may contain some hints for others.


I use just two addons (uBlock Origin and HTTPS Everywhere), and these are installed on first run.

Bookmarks Toolbar

This is enabled and my bookmarks imported. Due to the number I have, I disable text labels. This is done by creating a text file at the path:


The following string should be added to the file, and Firefox restarted.

#personal-bookmarks .bookmark-item > .toolbarbutton-text { display:none !important; }

Some variations of the above are available, however they may disable text labels on the bookmarks menu as well.

Also required with newer version of Firefox is to enable legacy customisation support in about:config via:


Preference Changes

Configuration Changes

These changes made from the about:config page.

uBlock Origin

As uMatrix is no longer supported and the code has been moved to archive, uBlock Origin can be used to replicate most of the functionality of blocking script elements by being placed into "Hard Mode". This is done by clicking on the uBlock Origin icon, and on the left column, marking '3rd-party', '3rd-party scripts' and '3rd-party frames' to disabled. To do this, it requires the 'I am an advanced user' setting to be enabled.

Also set the addon to 'Block remote fonts' and 'Prevent WebRTC from leaking local IP addresses'.