The Minimal Web

Landing on an old style, plain HTML and CSS (for the most part) website is somewhat refreshing nowadays due to the noticable speed of the page load (assuming the web server isn't doing anything weird). The designs sometimes might not be up to much, but there is a novelty in not having to dig through the listed domains in uMatrix to find out which is hosting the images, or causing a floating window, or even worse, not showing any text at all as some websites like to do when Javascript is disabled.

This page is dedicated to those websites which keep it mostly simple, and those which have an aesthetic which throws back to the nineties or early 2000's. In 2020, as this is written, even those early Web 2.0 pages are starting to feel classic. Although like the overwhelming majority of website viewers use a graphical browser (e.g. Firefox), to be listed here they should also look reasonable when viewed in a text-based browser.

This website

Up until recently, I used Wordpress for my own website. I have nothing against Wordpress, I find it a good platform for getting stuff done and it is reasonably quick. However, I wanted more control. I have previously ran a static HTML webpage previously, but chopping and changing, and a little uncertainty in what it would be used for meant it become unwieldly to manage. A couple of years with Wordpress, and more focus on what I host, means that I can host a simple website without too much management hassle.




Blogs / Personal Sites