Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories is an anthology series consisting of multiple groups of horror and supernatural stories. The first five episodes were aired in 1986 and 1987.

Ghost Story

Alfred Noyes - Midnight Express

Ray Bradbury - The Crowd

Graham Greene - A Little Place Off Edgware Road

Robert Aickman - Laura

Marghanita Laski - The Tower

Haunting Women: Ghost Stories by Dermot Bolger

The Linen Mill

The Riding Crop

The Shimmering Dress

The Waiting Wall

The Wedding Bouquet

Ghost Stories of Walter De La Mare

A Recluse

All Hallows


Seaton's Aunt

The Almond Tree

Kate Mosse - The Mistletoe Bride and other Haunting Tales

The Mistletoe Bride

On Harting Hill

Red Letter Day

The House on the Hill

The Revenant

MR James: Ghost Stories

Canon Alberics Scrapbook

Lost Hearts

A School Story

The Haunted Dolls House



The Ghost Train

The White Carnation