Tickets Please

Episode 1

On the train to Exeter which is due to leave the station, Robin the ticket-inspector finds onboard bar manager Carl making a rogue announcement over the tannoy. Dippy trolley attendant Carol attempts to upsell customers on her products for sale, while Robin sets about checking tickets and avoiding conversation with the travelling customers. Restaurant-car chef Nadine spends her time trying to find the necessary equipment in the kitchen, with no help from restaurant-car manager Peter, and finds that it getting too much with Carl having left her alone as he gets out work by pretending to be a traveller until caught by Robin. The slightly delayed journey is affected moreso by the train hitting a dumped car on the line just outside Basingstoke, leading some passengers attempting to disembark to make it on time for a wedding. Nadine is also upset when she thinks she has poisoned a passenger with scrambled eggs, leading Robin to handle the situation while Carl is attempting to move the remnants of the car. Carl's heroics of moving the car results in Robin having to handle the plaudits of the passengers - including Nadine.

Episode 2

At Tisbury, Robin tries to pull himself together as a way to ensure he doesn't appear to be completely at a loss with Nadine. Passenger and bride-to-be Diana, who is heading to her own wedding is under pressure from her mother, Linda, when she discovers shes been visiting the buffet car, while Peter continues schmoozing rather than working, with someone he thinks he recognises. Carol meanwhile is confronted in the quiet carriage by a traveller, who complains about her making noise, leading Robin to handle the situation when he spots the passenger has the wrong ticket. Carl meanwhile decides to put on a puppet show for Nadine and Diana's mother using burger buns until getting caught by Robin, who questions her the entertainment value. Challenged again by her "binge-eating", Diana cracks under the pressure by revealing she is four months pregnant. Nadine spends some quiet time talking with Carl, but still keeps her feelings quiet. In Coach D, things go awry, when fifteen passengers embark all with the same seat reservation though Robin's masterful handling of the situation impresses Carol. Carl also finds himself in the sights of Linda, much to her husband Keith's dismay.

Episode 3

The air conditioning appears to have failed, leading Carl to decide to tackle a repair job himself. Robin sets about letting Nadine have a go on the tannoy since its her birthday, despite it not being in line with company policy. Carl meanwhile finds him stuck again with Diana's affection though she chooses to believe he is playing hard to get. Diana gets talking to Carol about her love life and reveals her feelings for Robin, while Nadine discovers Diana's planned secret liason. Setting about enacting emergency measures, Carl traps her in the disabled toilet and deserts his station to head to the restaurant-car to talk with Peter. Robin has to help Carol move her trolley which has become stuck, and faces the complaints of Keith who wants his wife freed. Electrical problems caused by Carl continue with the grill in the restaurant-car who is also confronted by Nadine about his playing the field. Carol also hears Robin talking himself up to ask Nadine out, but believes he is talking about her. Peter sets about handling Carl and his lie to Nadine about disabling the electrical system for her benefit, rather than to keep Linda away, while Nadine finds out that he is married.

Episode 4

Leaving Axminster, Robin laments the fact that he is confined to his cabin unable to let Nadine know his feelings. A thunderstorm has also blown in which leads the train to slow down and during which Nadine has injured her hand in the kitchen. Carl meanwhile is stuck trying to fend Linda off again in the buffet car, who insists that her marriage is a sham, despite his insistence that she return to Keith. Nadine sets about confronting Carl about her being strung along, though an intimate moment is interrupted by Robin. While talking with a passenger about flowers, Robin delightfully finds that it is actually Carl's wife who has boarded the service as a surprise for him, while Carl is busy trying to patch things up with Nadine. Confusion reigns however when the train is hit by lightning, leading it to being split at Honiton while Linda admits infidelity with Carl to her husband. Carl finds himself hated by everyone when his wife catches him hugging Nadine, as well as Keith who sets about dealing with him. Robin's love prospects also hit a speed bump when he discovers that it is Carol rather than Nadine who has affection for him.