Two Doors Down

Series 1

1. Drilling for Hamsters

Outside number twenty-five of Marlborough Road, Belfast, Sally arrives for her cleaning job working for the McDonald family. She arrives to be greeted by one of three kids, Anna, who has news that her hamster is pregnant while oldest child Evie gets into an argument about the state of her room and finds her knickers have been used as a hamster hammock. Mother Clare meanwhile is struggling to focus herself on writing her thesis due to the ongoing household commotion. A new lodger, Fintan, has moved in with Clare's next door neighbour Miss Black who she has taken a liking to. Later in the morning, two police officers turns up at the door enquiring about reports of a flasher. The household activity continues when Hamlet the hamster escapes and gets stuck in a hollow pillar leading Fintan to lend a hand trying to drill a hole to free it, though they end up discovering a mouse instead. The police return looking for Fintan with the belief that he matches the description of the person where they discover neighbour Mr McVity may be behind the reports. Anna meanwhile finds that Sally has been in touch with a cleaning agency and fears she is considering leaving, though gets the wrong end of the stick with the help of friend Trevor.

2. Ranting and Railings

3. The Minister Has a Window

4. The Height of the Iguana

Series 2

1. The Feminine Thrust

2. Mythical Kings and Iguanas

3. Druids and Draws

4. Out of Tune

Series 3

1. Tuned to Moan FM

2. Give the Dog a Bone

3. All You Need Is Love

4. And It Was All Yellow